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  1. Well, the first time I probably looked a little overdressed - Little black dress, ballet flats, patterned hose, wig with a headband and my natural hair in wispy bangs. Went to a casino I had been to before, walked in with a fair amount of confidence, sat down at a slot machine near the exit I had found on an earlier trip. One older man definitely noticed and pointed me out to his wife as I was walking out after only fifteen minutes. That was not quite a year ago. Last fall went to Las Vegas and had a real makeover - amazing difference from what I was last year. She did a tremendous job and I looked and felt wonderful...but my skirt was a little too big so the first time I walked through the hotel I had to grab the waistband to keep it from falling down. I pinned it up and went back down to the casino for 45 minutes or so. One man came over and sat by me - obviously trying to figure it all out. Other than that, and the woman who was a little shocked to see a six foot tall, 270 lb woman when the elevator opened, it was lots of fun, but still I was very nervous the whole time.
  2. Ok, hope I'm not getting out of line...I'm new, so please let me know if this is not the place to ask this. I am looking for a transformation/makeup lessons/similar service in the Tampa area. I had a wonderful experience in Las Vegas with Amy at Just You (www.crossdresslasvegas.com) and am wondering if there is a similar service in Tampa. I looked at the resources list and found lots of good things, but not this kind of a service. Thank you MillieT