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  1. Hello, Trans Community! My name is Plenya Lyze (just call me 'Nia') and I'm grateful to find this forum to share my journey! As a self-proclaimed 'Trans Cougar,' I represent the more mature members of the Trans World! All I'll claim is that I'm 40+, a woman never reveals her real age! It's just that I'm not a kid; and although I've spent time throughout my life exploring my female (or authentic) side, it's only been in the last two years that I've been able to embrace my authentic self, and commit to change my life path to more honestly reflect what I've always felt - my female, feminine side is when I am most authentic, and most happy! I have a number of ideas about transitioning; I now realize that each Trans individual's journey is unique and singular. I have loved the last two years since I've embraced and committed myself to making my transition real. For an older Trans woman, I'm playing catch up, but I can definitely see my golden years as a sexy, funny woman embracing the world! Since starting my journey in earnest, I've thought a lot about what challenges and hurdles I'll have to overcome to live my life 24/7 as female. I started female hormones in October 2012. In the last eight months I'm happy to report that my breast growth is coming along very well. When I was a kid, I was embarrassed that I had visible, female looking young breasts; my only regret is that I didn't grow up in a time like today. If i had had understanding parents, I could have embraced my feelings of always wanting to be a girl; playing with dolls, having girl friends, and just my interest and identification with all things female. When I grew up, however, my family did their best to stifle any expression of these feelings, and often resorted to humiliation and emotional and verbal abuse to try to get me to stop how I really felt inside. I'm happy to have lived long enough to realize that now is the time for me to transition to my authentic, female self, and to hell with what people think! I have some dreams I hope to become realities, as I search for a way to transition and be able to live and work as a female. I've read the stats, and I know how hard this journey will be. But you know what? I'm now ready, willing and able to make these dreams come true, and I'm eager to find friends to share this journey with and find acceptance and encouragement along the way. Thank all of you for your fearlessness; I hope to tap into that reservoir of strength and determination to make it happen. xoxo Nia