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    Quintasensual 2014

    Often festival that are marketed as promoting tantra and conscious sexuality can have a very heterosexual ethos, talking about 'gender balanced' workshops and even asking people to identify as a 'man' or 'woman' - this festival was inspired by many people feeling they were not accepted into this space and even that they were being told they could not be spiritual, magical or tantric unless they 'sorted themselves out' - well here is the answer .... Coming in August 2014 in the UK An Exciting New Festival Of... Tantra Sexuality Spirituality Meditation Celebration Creativity Expression Love A festival that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of humanity, that embraces the multiple possibilities of sexuality and physicality. A place that allows you to truly be yourself through expression, play, connection and openness. Perhaps even somewhere that you will discover what you have been seeking; what it is to be a divine human being on a planet of beauty and divinity... http://www.quintasensual.org/ Please do give feedback as to the sorts of things you would love to see here and also please get in touch if you have something to offer (workshops, web design, graphics, publicity skills etc!)