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  1. Brian428

    My Parents

    I agree that I've been blessed with having my parents even if they have a few things they don't understand about it. Yeah, I told my dad about three months ago and he's been helping me look for resources that will help me. He's been telling me when I do things that aren't "guy-like", but I was never very girly and always have dressed like a guy except for having long hair.
  2. Brian428

    My Parents

    I had always been glad to have the parents that I do. My mother has some problems with showing that she cares, but I know it could be so much worse then it is. On the other hand my father is such a great person. He grew up with a stay-at-home mother and a father in the Air Force. Their family is very conservitive and went to church on a weekly basis without fail. We've notice the hypocrisy that's come from our family. My father has been so supportive of me. I'm very lucky to have someone like him in my life. I've been pushing my luck though by having fits of dysphoria. Then I regret saying something that would make them feel bad. But I do love them and I do recognize that I'm lucky to have supportive parents. Brian
  3. Brian428

    My Blog Introduction

    Thank you Kaylee, it was a very difficult decision for me and go against my family. I do have the support of my parents. Brian
  4. Brian428

    My Blog Introduction

    Hello Folks! Well I've decided it would be to my benefit if I found some support for me as a transgender person. I've known that I was transgender since i was about 10 years old. I didn't exactly know the word but I had an idea I was different then the other little girls. But I couldn't bear the idea of not being the perfect little girl my grandmother wanted me to be. I do regret not telling her the truth before she passed away in 2010 of cancer. Regardless of the sad aspect of it I'm quite proud of myself. I do plan to transition in the future.