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  1. TerryD

    clothing/shopping experiences

    I found that fruit of the loom makes these brushed cotton panties that are nice, soft, and comfortable (I got the Hi-cut of course). Also got some boyshorts which are a bit cheeky. Thought they'd be uncomfortable but they actually feel nice to wear and feel a bit sexy wearing them.
  2. TerryD

    clothing/shopping experiences

    I found that when it comes to panties get a cheep pair to try first to get an idea of what style feels comfortable to wear. I like the hi-cut or french cut panties though i do have some boyshorts and a couple other styles. I recently bought some brushed cotton hi-cuts made by Fruit of the Loom that are so comfortable that I think I just found my new everyday panty.
  3. TerryD

    clothing/shopping experiences

    who needs mens clothes anyway. I can get much cuter outfits in the ladies wear department
  4. TerryD

    clothing/shopping experiences

    I bought some shirts the other day even tried one on to be sure I had the right size. Fits good except the sleeves are slightly short on the one. I can see the allure of shopping even if nothing is purchased. Rather fun to try things on and see how they look. Could also have something to do with seeing more of the person I always felt I should be coming out and beginning to enjoy life.
  5. TerryD

    clothing/shopping experiences

    Think I goofed a bit oh well. Anyways I bought some panties used the size chart on the back of one package as a rough guide then bought one panty in that size (it was on sale) it was a bit too small so bought one in next size up they fit so bought a whole pack with 2 free and some other singles :-) Also just today bought some jeans at Walmart the ladies who open the fitting room were quite nice and discovered my size for Lee jeans is 14 medium. Also like how they look on me. Was slightly apprehensive at first but after first try on was hey this isn't as scary as I thought. Now just need to figure out blouse size.
  6. How did you find clothes how was your shopping experience (clothing, stylist, etc.)