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  1. Marsar16 added a comment on a blog entry: My Story (Part 1)   

    One can only come to terms with then self when one say this is Me and I am Myself.
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  2. Marsar16 added a comment on a blog entry: Transgender Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Journey   

    My mom has opened me as her other Daught. and told the rest of the family accept and get on with life. My friends all are so open and been the back bone seeing me along the ad f who and what I am. I now nedto let my twitter friends so my change.Plese help me do that a bit scared.
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  3. Marsar16 added a post in a topic: wearing heels to go to the supermarket   

    I do not hide wearing pantyhose and heels even in mens Pants.
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