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  1. do you know i must add this to my earlier post on this subject when i was driving taxis i could often find some people asking secificly for me as they felt safe and i could dress whilst doing so but that boss then though saying he respected me sacked me for dressing up however my point is now i work in a factory and dress in a top panties tights then leggings on top all is well my bosses now dont bat an eyelid and everone is so comfertable working with me its great thoiugh not the best job but at least i would say best company
  2. dont really know why i started dressing other than when i was 11 having put ona pair of my mams tights getting rather excited about doing so ever since now in my very very late 20,s i dress full time and very very happy so i cant change history but if i could i wish i was born a girl
  3. tantights63

    Support Groups

    anyone know of any trans support groups in scotland uk
  4. hi how to start this blog firstly im from elgin ,moray,uk was born a while ago saffice to say im in my very very late 20,s(51) when i was growing up any fancy dress party or the likes of halloween i would put on my mams (mom) clothes then by 11 my mam bought some new and weirdly fascinating tights(pantyhose) dont know what it was but i fell in love with the desire to wear them so one day i did and started to dress a lot when my mam & dad where out however that could not last forever on the whole it was a wonderful time in my life all i needed was some support as i say it could not last forever one halloween a friend from school caught me while i was out trick or treatimng kinda weird when you are 15 still out dressed up but hey . but that wasnt the only thing when i was at one of my friends house we would pretend to be out clubbing or being a naughty nurse they never had to look far for a surrogate girl if you like thank god his sister had panties and tights as well as skirts that fitted weird thing was when i was 16 i just asked my friend what would he do if when we were older if i came back as a woman what would he do he said he would beat me up. a little later in life as i could not hide my desires any longer in the uk we have a paper called the sun ther was an agony aunt called deirdre so i wrote to her telling her my desire nae my wish to be out in public dressed up with or without make-up her reply dissapionted me though she never told me not to she did say that in her opinion i would not be able to do that until i had gone off this mortal coil "bitch" funny though i defied her odds still alive and have dressed full time 24/7 in skirts tights with and without make-up. so here i am having gone through bigotry and ignorance and a lot of new freinds feeling stronger and looking forward to the future
  5. tantights63

    Being told who to be

    great post but hey believe in yourself also remember god loves us all short fat thin or small straight ,gay, bi, trans heavens i know he even loves me and all i am is a xd bi 24/7 so if i know that why do we need churches as ive read enough bibles to believe that god bless us allxx
  6. tantights63

    And now *I* am confused.. and slightly disturbed.

    and i thought coming out in a small city population over 20k was going to be tough nothing of it was accepted 99% of people i met did not care nor mind and even though i have since moved to very small village (hamlet) every body just accepted me i prey that some day that can be the same all around the world
  7. tantights63

    Hosiery and More

    well always looking for the shop i can buy my tights from without the weird looks thank you
  8. tantights63

    How To Pick The Right Size Bra

    well true saying you learn something new every day now at least i can go to my local lingerie shop and buy a bra that will fit thank you