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    blaaa blaaa blaaa
    well today has been another day.... I mean what are we here for? to think the way we live is a choice---really the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I pluck my facial hair because I don't want stubble....let a man do that---lmbo----he would cry like--ironically a girl---- I live for me and refuse to live for whatever society thinks I should. I say once and forall deal with me world because I am real and I am here.
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    ummm now you have me wondering----what was the book about keep a sister in suspense
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    Something positive....
    So I have told family and close friends, some have known for years. Sure that is no secret, I was even called out in public by a resentful X-friend, who had been fine with it at one point, and is again now. However due to some things I keep things quiet and reserved. I recently had a gathering of friends some new some old. It was nice and as the night went on all but one left, it was my wifes friend of 30 plus years. For one reason or another she didn't know, yet. Something came across the TV and the conversation was on, we talked about the issues and other topics that pertained. Then like a slap upside my head, I realized she was unaware of me. I told her. With ease we kept the conversation. Now sure I am getting a ton of questions and so on and so forth.......but I find it wonderful. I say one at a time one a day educate and teach. Also to the friends credit she is awesome and is really wanting to learn more and is wanting to support me in any way she can. True friends are wonderful.

    Something positive in such trying times.
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    Stand up
    I want to dance like nobody is watching but yet know that they are. I want to raise my fist to the sky scream and curse fall to my knees and ask forgiveness as I forgive. I want to live to the fullest extent of my being, laugh until I cry, love with all that my heart can endure. I have to be free and allow myself to be. To except my true self and love my true self enough to let my true self live. I no longer can cower in the shadows of my learned behavior but must climb out of the shelter and stand up.
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    Step forward....
    Well hello world. This is new for me so please be patient. Like misspelled words and I came out to my family around 10 years ago and through life's choices and circumstances I got put on hold, me Melody put on hold now if that ain't a bummer. Well so be it and life is life. I have turned a page in that book and am starting over, again >>>> forward. Ya that way. Never fully stopped after all I am who I am. So to all that may read I wish you luck in your journey of life. As I begin my journey forward.
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