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    Minneapolis Gender Doctor Recommendations

    Thank you and I will see about checking out Hannah's site and contacting them.
  2. (editing this a bit so it is less vague) New to the Minneapolis area and have visited the Townhouse shows on Wed night several times... was told someone named "Lucy" attends fairly often, but have been unable to find her so far. I've dressed and worked as female for years with varying levels of full-timedness but because of an unplanned unsupportive living situation and lack of health insurance coverage issues complicating it was never able to progress beyond the dressing stage to hormones or SRS. I am trying to find first a list of gender doctors or general practitioners willing to consider prescribing hormones without an excessive number of visits or long wait. I'm not really seeking some multiyear long therapist when I've already lived as, worked as, and been recognized as female before, but just was not able to continue the next step of the process. I know the UofM is heavily involved but nearly all the word of mouth I've heard has suggested that they take an ultra-conservative years long approach to the process. I'm aware it would be up to the doctor whether to prescribe hormones and blockers or not still, I just need to know if there are people who will not automatically force everyone onto multiyear counseling before even considering it if they have already done the whole purpose of all that on their own, ie: living and working as female in public and comparing how that feels vs trying to live and work as male. Also someone not willing to write off gender dysphoria since childhood as general depression. I have the additional challenge that since my work situation is still jumping around a bit it's not clear whether I will be on medicare, Minnesotacare, Obamacare, or work-supplied health insurance, or it may change as jobs change over the next year, so I'm trying to see if there is some way to not have that restart the entire process from zero any time there's a coverage change or gap because "everyone wants me seeing their therapists for two years first just to be safe" when I'll probably go through three jobs in two years. There may be better gender doctors under one Minnesotacare provider than another for instance and since I can’t change that once chosen I better know which provider to choose up front since I won’t have choice of doctors after that. I also have concerns about for instance starting the process on Minnesotacare and as my job situation improves with a health coverage change I have to get a different doctor and I don't know whether they would simply reapprove a prescription for hormones if a previous doctor diagnosed me as gender dysphoric. What I'm seeking most of all is to just finally get onto hormones and see how I feel (having been told consistently in support groups in the past that once I am on them I will know once and for all whether it is "right" or not, making all the talking to get there beside the point) and don't want doctor or coverage changes screwing up or resetting the process until I've been on them long enough to know. I assume there are only so many gender doctors and some will be more conservative than others, but if there are compassionate general practitioners willing to consider prescribing hormones (I've heard of this but don't know how else to find them so I'd like to find them before committing to a health provider and being assigned an unchangeable doctor just to find out they won’t) that gives some backup options. I'd like to just build up a list of potential people I can see (gender doctor or general practitioner), whether they are 'conservative' (wanting a years long process 'to be sure') or 'compassionate' (understanding I've sort of been through all that on my own and not dragging this out), and what providers each accepts or doesn't accept because if I choose the wrong doctors/providers/networks I'm afraid the process will be held back years to go. I have to make choices very soon having recently moved to the state and am afraid of inadvertently holding this all back. Please help thanks!