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    Immanent destruction
    A friend from my GRS cohort recently had a dream of UFOs attacking and destroying the world. I suggested the dream is representing what she, I and at least 2 others in the cohort are experiencing. it's change. Every one of us is feeling that we want to be in a new place in our lives, and with improved work environments. In some cases what we were interested in is changing. Or as likely, we're having more difficulty pretending that we like what we only thought we liked before. 
    For me, falseness in myself and others is becoming more difficult to ignore, and I feel driven to live even more truly with others who feel the same way.
    The intensity of these feelings seems enough that circumstances will be attracted into our lives to destroy the dross and make our live experiences more acceptable. Another birth maybe?
    I'd read that transition starts again at GRS. I didn't believe that, but perhaps this un beckoned renewal current is what those people experienced. Time to hold on and be flexible. I hope this ride, though possibly evolutionary, will be kind to us.
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    Dr Brassard hasn't retired. That was his predecessor, Dr Menard who retired and left the clientele to Dr B. Dr Bélanger and Dr Brassard work together. 
    It's a shame options for transitional surgeries are limited. I hoped there were more options too. The surgical work and immediate aftercare from Montreal was very good. Better than a lot of other places. Longer term after care (for non Quebecers ) has been difficult for some people.
    i went to the US for a top surgery that OHiP wouldnt cover and basically lost all the money I spent on it after the surgery failed, and the Dr wouldnt provide what I felt was an a acceptable and fair revision process.  I went to a different surgeon in the US Nd had good results with the repair of the first one. We're a small and vulnerable minority, so sometimes we're sidelined or ripped off, and other times treated quite well. We just have to keep doing our best research and sharing what we learn with each other to protect ourselves.
    Thank you for your article.
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    My stars! Thank you for letting me know. Now it's public, and I have an explanation for the abysmally low traffic to the blog :-p
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    I am the other of my Significant Other.  She had a rough time during my transition because there was no roadmap, and nearly all the stories she encountered had sad endings. So she wrote a book about her experience to help other SOs. Please give it a read and form your own opinion. There's a free sample of the start of the book available.
    There's no other story like it. Even Jenny Boylan's book ends happily, with her staying with her spouse, but the spouse says she's not a lesbian - very sad. But this story has romance, and intimacy not only survives, but thrives. It can happen. The Kindle book, Caught in Transition may give hope to significant others and their people transitioning (or contemplating transition) from reading this unique story.
    You don't have to buy a Kindle to read it. There's an app you can download for free at this link, to read it on your computer, tablet, or phone.
    best wishes, 
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    Gentle Reconstruction
    Your world can change immensely in one day. Days, months, and years of trepidation gall away once the switch changes. Decisions, once made and committed to redefine the way we engage with the world.
    in March 2015, I boarded a train for Montreal to take me to the Centre Métropolitain de Chirugie where my body world be transformed for the last time.
    The record of my musings was recorded in this existing blog. If You like what I wrote, please let me know. I may continue at tgguide.
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