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    What did you wear?

    Hi, GenderFiasco I am so happy that we are able to help. We are a community of women who certainly care about each other. The most wonderful thing about transition for me is finding a wonderful community of so many women who share similar experiences. You are beginning your journey and even without much money, you can progress. As Karen suggests, you can work on your voice and mannerisms as you as also developing a wardrobe and experimenting with makeup. It's a beautiful journey to becoming a butterfly. Enjoy it. If I can offer any advice or you just want to chat, I'm willing to share my experiences with you. Warm hugs, Alana
  2. Alanamarie

    What did you wear?

    I started by wearing casual things around the house, jeans, androgynous tops, non-descript sneakers, etc. As I became more comfortable, I began to wear these same clothes out shopping. No one knew the difference. I was comfortable in clothes that fit so I wore them. Wasn't long before I added a wig, breast forms and makeup, purse. Soon the jeans became a bit more obvious as I wore jeans with designs on the back pockets and more colorful tops. I'm very comfortable going out shopping and running errands in casual clothes. When I have an appointment or interview, I wear a dress or skirt and sweater. Although I am in mid-transition, I don't feel male or want to appear male at all. I am a woman now and will live everyday as myself. Enjoy your journey as you become more comfortable with yourself. Others will accept you for who you truly are. Hugs, Alana