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    New to all this
    Hi. I'm a bisexual gf to a MtF trans. Our relationship is really new, 2 months, but I really like him/her and hope this becomes a long term relationship. I'm here looking for sport, guidance, advice since I've never been with a transgender person before.
    Right now, in the town we live in, he is male 100% of the time when in public. In the privacy of his home, he relaxes and let's her true self shine. I'm attracted to him and her. However, I'm having trouble consolidating the two sides. I see him as him and her. Not as one person, but as 2 individuals. I'm afraid to refer to him as her on a regular basis when we're alone because I don't want to get used to it and slip while we're in public. We have discussed he is NOT ready to reveal herself just yet because of his job. His transition is still a few years away, but it WILL happen. 
    There are so many things I feel we need to discuss, questions to be asked, feelings to explore. He does desire HRT but says he will not have surgery. I'm willing to be supportive, even if that decision changes later, but this is scary for me. I cannot discuss things with family or friends, since it is imperative no one knows.
    I found you guys through a tweet. I hope here I can find the support I'm pretty sure I will need as a SO to a transgender person. Thanks for being here.
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    1. Heterosexual relationship
    2. I'm female. My partner is MtF trans.
    3. I'm bisexual. My partner is heterosexual.
    4. This is a very new relationship, a couple of months together.
    5. Transition has not happened yet. It's a few years out.
    6. I'm looking for information on how best I can support her in the future during her transition to her true self.
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