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    Barr Loses "Ally" Status

    I can attest to the discrimination of Mrs. Barr. I once worked at a small comedy club somewhere here in Denver Colorado. When a backroad check brought up that my gender identity was not matching my legal documents I was confronted. This is a place where Rosanne made her start and has a hand in and probably her invested money. I was informed there was no room for my transition. Something I had not even made known if I was doing or not. But people noticed my intersex condition. I was harassed told I must use the women's bathroom even though I had not been presenting as and told I should stop coming to work or the police would arrest me. It was so strange as the comedy club was LGB affirming and "friendly". Just a bad experience I feel like sharing so people know the effects of gender non conforming on the ability to stay employed. I became a valuable very involved employe until my legal paper work caused this discrimination.