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  1. Naeka

    Self defense class Oregon USA

    wish I cold attend but funds and transportation are quite limited.
  2. @‚ÄčLori: I to am here in Oregon, I saw the thread and went to the calculator answered the questions but it would not let me submit and get my results. however I saw your comment and it is good to know even better that the way I understand things my OHP Plus cover most the transitions proceedgers . as I am in the very first stages of it all and begin going up to OSHU this next month on the 2cd.
  3. I have very much enjoyed reading this post and it's replies. Here's my little bit of two cents worth. I grew up in a Christian home threw the Nazarene Church, and their holiness doctrine. However over the years I found that everyone even a pastor is imperfect as I had a couple non gender conflicts with two different pastors. in that I stopped attending church. for a while. but in all that time I kept my beliefs, as there were things that took place in my life, that can only be explained by Gods grace and his angels. and hence is the reason I am still here and typing this reply. I know in my heart where I stand. with God and part of my belief is, their is only one person I will be answering to and have to explain my actions to; Though he already knows my heart and soul. and its is not any one that is on this earth. and right or wrong I am living as I feel I need to it took a long time to get to this point. I had a emotional crisis just yesterday and the person on the crisis's line let me know he him self was Christian and more less said that who is to say this is not Gods Path for you ? who is to say that this is a way for you to show your faith even if you don't openly tell others about your faith. there are those that will just come up and tell you that you need saved. then there are those that, if they are asked? you are more then willing to tell them of your experiences and not push the issue and let that person decide. I feel that everyone's path is set before them, as God knows your path, even before you know it.