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  1. Sarah42 added a post in a topic: Need help Crossdressing.   

    Do I really belong here? I'm not sure, still trying to figure that out. Part of me want to start transgendering. The other of me wants part wants to slow down and take baby steps.
    For the second posting, it wasn't me. I was told last night another coworker was playing around with my cellphone in the break room. After doing a history check of my phone, I found out she post some messages in my name on a few sites.
    I know she doesn't like me, not for crossdressing. She hates me for some of the things I bought. Last week, we had a little disagreement about it. As a crossdresser starting out, she doesn't believe I should've bought name brand knee high boots and a set of name brand clothes.
    The other ladies I work with complement me on my first girl fight. 
    I learned two things from this experience. Some girls do get jealous over others girls (crossdressers) clothes she (he) wears. And to have all electronic devices password protected. Not everyone is respectful of others property. 
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  2. Sarah42 added a post in a topic: Need help Crossdressing.   

    I'm thinking about transgendering mtf. My physcogoly doctor thinks it be good first to crossdress. So I can dress up and experience what it be as a women first before transgendering.
    I would live to learn how to pass as a crossdress women. I appreciate any help or advice.
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