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  1. Hi, I am Lisa from Ohio. I am thinking about transitioning. First step is to get rid of beard. Cannot afford electrolysis nor laser. My beard is EXTREMELY coarse, also it is growing in grey/white. Even an extremely close shave would end up giving me away as a male 🙁 This may not be the appropriate place on this site to be asking this question, if it is not the right place, sorry. Could someone move it to the right spot? My internist will NOT prescribe a prescription anesthetic cream such as EMLA, Xylocaine/Lidocaine cream, etc., to help with the pain of using an Epilady on my beard for whatever reason. I am stuck getting stuff from Amazon, etc. I looked on Amazon and there are all sorts of Lidocaine 4% preparations, and other things that seem like they may help. I know there's going to be pain and redness anyhow, but in the biz of transitioning, unf., there's just a lot of pain, anyhow. I was hoping one of my new sister friends here at TG hub could recommend something that I am not going to be able to get from a physician but I can get on Amazon or Walmart.com, etc. There are TONS of preparations of Lidocaine, Prilocaine, I think Xylocaine, etc. on Amazon, for instance. Some of them are affordable, more or less, and some of them are costly. I am a broke TG, like a lot of the rest of us, so I would like a "good value"cream. I would like to apply it under occlusion (I have a wet dry Epilady) and then I guess a good half hour after having it on my face under occlusion with saran wrap, just step in the shower and use the Epilady until i cannot stand it anymore. I know it will hurt anyway and will cause redness but ladies there just is no best solution. you have to put up with the pain and the redness. Then once you've got it all plucked out with the Epilady, it slowly but surely becomes easier as when it regrows, it's finer, and the more you do it, the easier and less stressful to the facial skin it becomes. In the old days, I used to use hot wax to wax off the beard and THEN use the Epilady, which worked like a charm, but I JUST JUST cant tolerate the pain of waxing - it's HORRIFIC! It's DEMEROL pain, especially under the top lip and under your chin to your throat. If anyone can make a recommendation re: which anesthetic cream (nonprescription) that is obtainable online, preferably Amazon, I would be most appreciative. I am trying to expedite things and getting rid of my beard from the root is toward the top of my bucket list. I know that gals have different priorities and rates of doing things, but this my own personal "thing" that I want to do first, I hope you understand. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL OF YOU - and again, if this is in the wrong place, I am sorry, I am a newbie, you are welcome to redirect this question to another part of this site. Love, Lisa.