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  1. She definitely is. We need more Chelsea Mannings in this world. Has a lot more backbone than the whole administration, combined.
  2. ToeMay

    Making Up for the Wrongs

    This is such lovely news.
  3. ToeMay

    Victoria Secrets

    In such case, it's Kohl's and Loft for me then.
  4. ToeMay

    The Importance of Body Language in Passing

    ​​This is definitely a great tip. Classy and sassy.
  5. As one of the commenters below the original ​post had said: "If the US government didn't keep so many secrets unnecessarily there would be no need for the Chelsea Mannings of the world. What she did took an extraordinary amount of courage, from releasing the info to staying around and paying the price by going to jail for seven years." And now, we see her getting backlash from the likes of the present administration, politicians who have many things to hide.
  6. ToeMay

    Makeup Kits

    Wow! So many great recommendations in this thread alone. I will be taking note of these for future reference. Thank you so much, everyone!
  7. This is just sad and ridiculous. Let us all hope for a better world. People are better than this.
  8. ToeMay

    Indian FB Video Goes Viral

    This is definitely a step moving forward. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing miracles such as this.
  9. I never knew that these podcasts existed. ​I will definitely check them out.