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  1. entityfree

    dumb relatives

    havent seen the clip. my relatives(i dont like to say family) are pretty hard to convince. they are jehovahswitness. i could maybe get an intersex argument past them but it makes me upset to do that. i want to be a free person, make my own choices about orientation and gender. i dont like arguing ''i was born this way''. if i am not doing anything wrong why should i have to? they think gay and transgender is wrong. i say what about black people, but that doesnt work because they arent racist. its really humiliating. but i hate doctors and police even more than religious cultists. i have been locked up enough times i would feel relieved if kimjungil(?) killed half of the usa. :-p i hope people vote third party next time.
  2. entityfree

    dumb relatives

    i think catholic is cult, really all of christianity is. the world should get over it. but still there is the death penalty and soldiers though isnt there? i think kindness is good though. thats besides the point though, i want to find some information and dont really want to talk to relatives about it. wi-fi kind of bothers me, havent seen video clips. i stopped talking to my parents. i told my sibling i was transgender and they said ''no your not'' and we went back and forth like that like children fighting. and they said something like god makes people male and female and not supposed to change that. so if i need clothes or records its a conversation i am afraid to have. i want to leave the usa.
  3. my relatives are in a christian fundamentalist group and against transgenderism. i still depend on them in ways. makes it difficult! :-(.
  4. entityfree

    tiny razor invention?

    i was thinking about a tiny mini razor, like that you could pinch between your fingers, and maybe like what, 1cm wide, for reaching difficult spots like below the nose, laryngeal prominence(?), difficult angles... is there such a thing, do you all think it would work?
  5. entityfree

    good small scissors?

    what are some good suggestions on scissors, the small ones, for facial hair? also i try not to buy from death penalty states, and also now nuclear weapon ones. so, i have had these pretty good ones for a while, but since it has been a while i wonder if they have worn down, i cant tell for sure. but shaving is not working again for me recently, so i dont mind taking the time to use scissors if i have to. also is there a good way to sharpen them maybe?
  6. entityfree

    how to do voice cont.

    i admit i did not see the whole segment, but once caught the tuckercarlson(?) person on fox(?) or whatever make a fallacious argument about how language cant become gender neutral, that it had been tried before. and then the news anchor like laughed about it or something in closing. i am for gender neutral speech, in like business, in public, at the moneyist check-out register, at least. why does it sound like army general or something? doesnt it go back to slavery? i dont have a lot of work experience, but i dont have respect for those kinds of customs. it actually makes me angry when people hold the door open for me usually. i can open it myself, dont make it a bigger deal then it needs to be, it just makes me feel embarrassed.