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    Yeah I agree. I plan to wait until I’am emotional ready. 
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    Thank you for your advice ladies. No I haven’t seen a therapist let Iam still at the beginning of this process. I still have to come out to my family. 
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    Hi I’am new to site. My name is frank and I’am 23. On the outside Iam a male but inside I feel like a female.  When I was kid I always been attractive to girl stuff like painting my nails/toes, wearing makeup, wearing high heels and dresses. I felt pretty and happy when I look    myself in the mirror. As I grew up I felt ashamed of myself because I was a male who was more like a female and I didn’t know why and hoped those feelings would eventually leave so I can be “normal”. That never happened but couple years ago I did a lot of research and I realize it wasn’t my fault. I always denied my female self but Iam finally ready to  turne that page and admit that I’am ready to be a women. Just don’t know what to do now? I could use some advice.
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