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  1. Frank09

    My return

    I know it’s been a while but I’m finally back. I have talked to my mom privately about what I want. She completely understands which is great. She just wants me to be sure if it’s truly what I want before coming out to the rest of my family. She wants to help me experiment first before making my final decision which is fair. First step is we both will get our nails/toes painted together.
  2. Frank09

    Step 1

    Yeah thanks.
  3. Frank09

    Step 1

    As I prepare to start my transition into a girl I guess I have to start by coming out to my family and friends. As I start thinking of how I should break the news to my family I know my dad will prob be upset the most. I already came up to one person already who was my former teacher from high school. She has been in my corner from the beginning which has really helped my confidence about being my inner girl.
  4. Frank09

    Therapy sessions

    Yeah I know I have a blog already. Thanks again ladies!
  5. Frank09

    Therapy sessions

    I haven’t really thought about a female name/ username let. Let me think about it and thanks.
  6. Frank09

    Therapy sessions

    Yeah thanks.
  7. Frank09

    Therapy sessions

    As I continue going through my therapy sessions it’s all becoming clear to me. I know what Iam and what I want to do next. My emotions are all cleard up. Now I think it’s time to come up with plan for what’s next which Iam happy about. The truth is Iam a women on the inside and now I want to be a women on the outside.
  8. Frank09

    Girls day!

    Last weekend I got to do something that I thought could only dream about. That was to participate in all girls day with my friends. The girls were gladly to accept me as one of them. It felt so good to be with them and enjoy all of the activity’s we did. I felt so free. Also going to my first therapy session this weekend.
  9. Frank09


    Yeah I agree. I plan to wait until I’am emotional ready.
  10. Frank09


    Thank you for your advice ladies. No I haven’t seen a therapist let Iam still at the beginning of this process. I still have to come out to my family.
  11. Frank09


    Hi I’am new to site. My name is frank and I’am 23. On the outside Iam a male but inside I feel like a female. When I was kid I always been attractive to girl stuff like painting my nails/toes, wearing makeup, wearing high heels and dresses. I felt pretty and happy when I look myself in the mirror. As I grew up I felt ashamed of myself because I was a male who was more like a female and I didn’t know why and hoped those feelings would eventually leave so I can be “normal”. That never happened but couple years ago I did a lot of research and I realize it wasn’t my fault. I always denied my female self but Iam finally ready to turne that page and admit that I’am ready to be a women. Just don’t know what to do now? I could use some advice.