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  1. Frank09


    Okay thank you.
  2. Frank09


    Thanks ladies!
  3. Frank09


    Thank you
  4. Frank09


    Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to new year for many reasons but no reason is bigger then taken the next step of being a woman. Definitely looking forward to dressing up more and buying my first set of clothes, shoes, and makeup. Also looking to get my nails done more and learn to paint my nails myslf. My mom and I will definitely have more girls weekends this year which will make me happy. Also hope to find a meetup group to meet others.
  5. Frank09

    Blind sided again.

    Cool good luck!
  6. Frank09

    Blind sided again.

    Same.Haveing the full girl treatment will be amazing! 💄💅🛍👗👠
  7. Frank09

    Blind sided again.

    Yeah I haven’t had pink toes let either. Hope to get them next time I get my nails done. Also haven’t done a spa day either.
  8. Frank09

    Blind sided again.

    Congrats! I know how it feels to stress over if you should dress up or not. How was your pedicure.
  9. Frank09


    Yeah thank you. As a kid I always felt like a girl an always wanted to dress up, have my nails done, wear makeup. It felt amazing doing it for the first time.
  10. Frank09


    Thank you ladies!
  11. Frank09


    Thank you. Yeah it would really help.
  12. Frank09


    Not sure haven’t looked let.thank you.
  13. Frank09


    Usually I don’t dress up for Halloween because as a young adult I out grew it. But not this year because I I knew I wanted to go full girl for the first time. Thanks to some of my female friends they helped me lived out my dream. It felt so good to finally do what I always wanted. Had my nails and toes painted, makeover, wig, and heels. Also wore a long dress, it was so much fun to not just hang out with the girls but be one them too!
  14. Frank09

    My return

    I know it’s been a while but I’m finally back. I have talked to my mom privately about what I want. She completely understands which is great. She just wants me to be sure if it’s truly what I want before coming out to the rest of my family. She wants to help me experiment first before making my final decision which is fair. First step is we both will get our nails/toes painted together.
  15. Frank09

    Step 1

    Yeah thanks.