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  1. ZoeyM added a post in a topic: A huge blessing in my life   

    It was and she loved it right away.Barbara knows I love skirts and dresses including me being a shoeaholic.
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  2. ZoeyM added a post in a topic: A huge blessing in my life   

    I have a huge blessing in my life,my wife Barbara.Been together for 13 years and married for 10 years.Before I met her,had so many mean and cruel SOs in my life.Would taunt me and broke up with them.Then things changed 13 years ago when I met Barbara,was in the women's restroom touching up my make up and she was beside me.I thought she was going to freak out at first and did not.She looked at me saying I looked beautiful and told her thank you.Exchanged phone numbers and that is when we started dating.She thought it was very horrible what my ex SOs did to me.Barbara said she loves me dressed as a woman more right away and that is when I knew that I met the right woman in my life.Learning about her,she has always loved feminine men that love to dress as women and this brought us together more.It has been a great win/win for both of us,I have a supportive SO and she got her dream feminine husband.We go shopping together knowing what I love including getting our nails and hair done.Barbara does call me Zoey most of the time.So far Barbara and I seen as a normal couple most of the time.If I have never met Barbara,my life would be miserable.
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  3. ZoeyM added a post in a topic: Miniskirts are making a comeback   

    I have a few and have not worn them a lot.My age as well and don't need a pervert looking up it
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