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  1. My wife Barbara ordered me something,she knows I like to try new things.She ordered me a couple of the realistic vaginas and came in last weekend.I am starting to like them a lot more,have always wanted to urinate like a genetic female.It has been great so far wearing them.She got me a regular one and a masturbator one.I wore the regular Monday and Tuesday and the masturbator one yesterday.I do admit the masturbator version is fun to play with and my wife taught me how to masterbate like a genetic female which happened last night.It was fun for me and let her touch too.I love them and my wife sees this
  2. ​Luckily they found one whom deals with these situations very well,I see her on Wendsday
  3. ​Dad is not letting off yet and I see my aunt every weekend which we talk.They had a meeting with him and one with me,they suggested we see a family therapist on this.I am for it and he is not yet
  4. One that is sick and tired of my dad's ways is my Aunt Julia.She loves me for who I am and knows this is me.It did hurt the relationship with my dad and her,they get into an argument over her supporting me once in a while.She is also a supportive mom of a fulltime mtf crossdresser,a cousin of mine Jennifer.She saw Jennifer and I were very different right away.Remembers us going into her closet trying on her heels.Jennifer has no use for my dad at all,always harsh on her too
  5. It did hurt in the past.I am learning his family is sick and tired of what he has done to me.Said they are there for me and told him to grow up accepting this.He has wanted me to grow up to be masculine and this is not me
  6. I stood up for myself last month,to my dad.We have not talked for 32 years.He was not supportive at all with me being a crossdresser and wanted me to be fully masculine.Last time I saw him when I was 7 years old.We met one day and seen I crossdress as Zoey fulltime now.Well he got it an my mom witnessed it.Wanted to see me as male and told him that is not going to happen.Told him I am very happy being Zoey fulltime,accept this or stay out of my life still.He left and my mom was proud of me.She never saw me do this until that day.Still remember it and never moved an inch on this.It took a lot of courage and strength to do this.He has not learned this is me and he can't change me.Have not seen him since
  7. It was and she loved it right away.Barbara knows I love skirts and dresses including me being a shoeaholic.
  8. I have a huge blessing in my life,my wife Barbara.Been together for 13 years and married for 10 years.Before I met her,had so many mean and cruel SOs in my life.Would taunt me and broke up with them.Then things changed 13 years ago when I met Barbara,was in the women's restroom touching up my make up and she was beside me.I thought she was going to freak out at first and did not.She looked at me saying I looked beautiful and told her thank you.Exchanged phone numbers and that is when we started dating.She thought it was very horrible what my ex SOs did to me.Barbara said she loves me dressed as a woman more right away and that is when I knew that I met the right woman in my life.Learning about her,she has always loved feminine men that love to dress as women and this brought us together more.It has been a great win/win for both of us,I have a supportive SO and she got her dream feminine husband.We go shopping together knowing what I love including getting our nails and hair done.Barbara does call me Zoey most of the time.So far Barbara and I seen as a normal couple most of the time.If I have never met Barbara,my life would be miserable.
  9. I have a few and have not worn them a lot.My age as well and don't need a pervert looking up it