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  1. ChristyS added a post in a topic: Passing or Almost Passing   

    Thank you for the feedback and experience. I appreciate it.  I will definitely watch it and stay safe. Thank you. 
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  2. ChristyS added a post in a topic: Passing or Almost Passing   

    I got all dolled up last night with a short skirt, long sleeve top and full makeup. I stayed st home mist of the night, but really ‘needed’ to go out in public. I drove to the mall, which was closed and walked around. It felt good. Then I thought I would go to a busier shopping area. I walked by several people with out being noticed. Then I ended up near a Mexican dance club. I was just walking  by and the next thing I  entered. The music was thumping and I stood on the sidelines. Some people definitely noticed me. A guy asked me to dance and we danced for about 15 minutes. He smiled at me a lot and bought me a drink. Then he said he had to go to the restroom and he left with his friend. I think his friend told him because they left the dance area. So I got ditched. BUT I must have passed enough for 15 minutes of dancing. Progress !! 😬
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  3. ChristyS added a post in a topic: Makeup Kits   

    Emma, can you describe the products for highlights and shadow. Is this powder or liquid?  I have a bwownish powder I use along my cheekbones and top of my forehead. But I’m not sure what to use for highlights. Thanks. 
    Christy S
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  4. ChristyS added a post in a topic: Nylon stockings or pantyhose   

    I bought pantyhose and realized they were too sheer and really did not look that great on me. So I recently bought thigh high stockings. Talk about feeling sexy.   So if I wear a dress that works with stockings I prefer them over pantyhose. 
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  5. ChristyS added a post in a topic: Miniskirts are making a comeback   

    I’m new to cross dressing  and I love my mini skirt.  After reading this post, I think I’ll go buy another one 😬. 
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