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    Pope Announces Resignation

    . Pope Benedict was always meant as an interim pontiff-- he was elected at age 78 after all. (It was a fast seven years, no?) I'm hearing the next Pope will be from Latin America. Annie
  2. Hello all! The poll above contains only ten titles of the incredible number of films that either have crossdressing as a main theme, a crossdressing character, or a CDing actor playing their role "straight". If your favorite is not there, please tell us what it is? The above poll was compiled in part from this remarkable source: TG Video & Film Directory Annie PS-- Part 1 of this poll may be found on the main TS Forum. Check it out!
  3. . David-- Because QUEEN CHRISTINA was released at the beginning of the Hays Office's reign of censorship terror, I've always felt that scripters were forced to turn this Scandanavian Royal into a fictional character who needed the love of a man for fulfillment. Surely the real Christina preferred the ladies. As for Greta Garbo's sexuality, no photos have ever surfaced to my knowledge. I suppose "gay or no?" speculation can be fun and harmless if there's no downside for the person under the microscope. One screen personality of Garbo's generation who was openly gay, Patsy Kelly, saw her hireability really suffer for it. Louis B. Mayer destroyed the career of a leading man in the early '30s because he refused to take a wife to clear up rumors about his preferences. This actor left Hollywood and for decades was a successful interior decorator. He also stayed with his partner for life. There's always been questions about Rudolph Valentino. For certain, his actress wife, Jean Acker was a lesbian. The usual stories circtulated back then about Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis or any actress with an assertive, self-assured manner. For certain, Marjorie Main (Ma Kettle), her lover Spring Byington, Nancy Kulp (Jane Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies) and designer Edith Head were gay. I'd like to recommend an interview book on the subject: http://www.amazon.co...h/dp/1569800677 It's called HOLLYWOOD LESBIANS The list of celeb gays, lesbians and bisexuals at WIKIPEDIA is a literal encyclopedia, with one page per alphabet letter (sometimes two or three pages!: http://en.wikipedia....exual_people:_A Annie
  4. . The most practical thing is what gals did during the WWII nylon shortage-- spray paint the legs suntan or taupe color. If you get a run THEN you are surely in trouble! Annie
  5. . Whoa, is this thread still around? Amazing. I wish nylons were as durable as the endless pantyhose vs. stockings debate. My choice way back when was NEITHER. These years, part of my everyday at-work attire is a pair of black or dark gray knee high nylon socks (I get 'em at WALMART in 10-pr boxes, No Nonsense Queen size, if you must know!). Annie
  6. . My first impression was : Quaker Oats guy in an odd hat. Annie
  7. David-- Wow, that's really going back! I knew you'd remember my friend, who was also briefly a member here. There was no point in revealing his identity here as the guy whose last name I legally adopted has probably long since been sublimated by that religion. On the other hand, maybe after me he was able to re-emerge with someone else. Despite the buckets of tears I cried over this person, there's still gratitude for who I now am publicly, a feat I couldn't have accomplished alone. Thus I only have best wishes to extend. And now back to current events... Annie
  8. I was deeply involved with a Jehovah's Witness during the months leading to my divorce (we were chatroom friends) and once I was single and on my own. This person was (not sure anymore) an FTM TG. We were together on and off for four tumultuous years, during the first of which (2000). I made my transition and went through some cosmetic surgery and a legal name change. It was a complicated situation, for L. was encumbered by many things, including a deep attachment to the religion. I was taken to a couple of services related only by calender to the Catholic Easter mass. Part of this ritual is congregants passing a glass of wine from one person to the next, with no one drinking. That's just extraneous to my main point. Our relationship fell apart, again for many reasons. I've always felt regret we got involved at all, yet grateful, as without my friend's support I'd either still be in gender limbo right now or a suicide. There's been no contact for nearly a decade, and never will be, I imagine. My friend was a burgeoning artist and did much painting while we were together. A while back I found an inactive webpage that had a self-portrait on it of a crying clown, a very disturbing image, as the face under all that pancake is so familiar. I haven't said "he" or "she" on this post as that was one of the most troubling aspects of our friendship. At first, "he" was very present, but within months disappeared. It didn't matter to me, for I loved THE PERSON, but I feel that his closeting was related to being a Witness and the guilt that resulted. Maybe I'm the worst judge on this matter, as I am the ultimate non-denomnational heathen. As an outsider though I've got to say: guilt sucks, no matter what causes it. Annie
  9. Belittling of the transgendered through ad hominem commentary and "innocent" comedies such as this latest TV show have always been a source of irritation to me. Recently, a talk show host whom I listen to occasionally began to speak with a verbal smirk about "Chaz Bono is saving up to buy a male appendage.." I immediately hit the car radio's FM band to escape this nonsense. Any mention of TG news stories by these otherwise reasonable personalities seems to bring out the worst in them. I won't subject myself to their prejudices by lending an ear at those times. As for WORK IT, there's a long precedent for such humor, but in this supposedly politically correct era, that doesn't make it right. From TV shows like BOSOM BUDDIES and the short-lived UGLIEST GIRL IN TOWN, to Billy Wilder's SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959), crossdressers have long been the easy target of laughing ridicule. Further back, on Broadway, CHARLIE'S AUNT was a perennially popular show (a starring role that even Jack Benny played at one time). Female impersonators and male impersonators were a common offering in British music halls and American vaudeville. With the rare exception of serious performers like Julian Eltinge, who was quite beautiful in his youth, men in drag always meant: laugh at this silly person. Male impersonators were treated with respect and had non-comedy stage acts-- a double standard based perhaps on the wrongful idea that men in skirts were surrendering their place of superiority; women in slacks aspired to be better. A final thought on WORK IT: I'll never see this program, and chances are, because it's a one-joke pony, this lame mid-season replacement will be gone to the sitcom graveyard comes September. Annie
  10. Thanks Lori and David! :?)

  11. Annie

    Walmart Pharmacy

    I use WALMART for my spironolactone prescription, of which I take a lotta pills. At a regular discount pharmacy, spiro was costing $102 a month. At WALMART it's been $40 for a few years, although recently they've been trying to raise the price by $20, but the pharmacist keeps knoocking it back for me. Annie
  12. Rabbit-- Welcome to the TGG forums! Annie
  13. By Googling WOMENS SHOES SIZE 14, I came up with a bumch of options. Didn't check these sites out individually, but it won't hurt to do some exploring. Please let us know if you find some deals. As a 12WW, I'm in the same "boats" that you are! Here's the Google results page: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=womens+shoes+size+14&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq= Annie
  14. phylisanne Welcome to TGG! So glad you found us. Annie
  15. Those who stare at the past have their backs turned to the future.

  16. Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.

  17. Post-op since 1980, her feud with local police began with a moving violation that included her birth name. The so-called pipe bomb she was carrying when arrested was anything but an explosive. Article at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/07/12/idaho-transgender-woman-arrested-naked-gender-id-bomb-plot/?test=latestnews Annie
  18. As someone who lives in the subtropics I never wear anything other than knee-length nylons with slacks. Even then, only on occasion. Annie
  19. Thank you, Lori! :?)

  20. Thanks Bonnie and Hanske :)

  21. Some years ago I wrote an essay on this subject: (4-16-04) The "BREAST" Things In Life... I am a resident of South Florida. Every hot-weather season we experience an annual event In one of our seaside communities, a group of activist ladies inevitably organize a protest march, complete with signs and bullhorns, decrying the inhumane treatment of women. It's not their boyfriends, husbands or bosses they rage against, but an unfair system that won't allow them to appear topless on the beaches. They see men all around them bare from neck to waist, and they demand the same right of exposure. Last year, a demonstration took place in Delray Beach, the highlight of which was to be a planned public "unveiling" of some 14 middle-aged women. But at that crucial moment when push came to shove, only ONE of them was brave enough to "take it all off." She was promptly arrested for public indecency, to howls of complaint from her outraged but nonetheless more timid sisters. End of march. This got me thinking. We have an exceptionally large TG community down here. Many of us gals, myself included, are Pre-op. I've had a breast augmentation, and am currently about a DD. I'd like to see all us Pre-ops get together, that is, all those who have the "M" on their driver's licenses and are therefore considered legally male, so that we can stage a "topless" protest march of our own, in solidarity with our oppressed GG sisters. Wouldn't THAT make for an interesting little parade. So, what can happen? Can the cops legally arrest topless "guys" just because we have breasts, and are therefore "indecently dressed"? Can they paddy wagon us away simply because we're TG? (I smell Supreme Court case here!) And if they DO pinch the lot of us, which section of the jail will they house us in while we're being processed-- BOYS or GIRLS? (Supreme Court.....take 2!) I can imagine that because of this unusual action by our group, the current laws would have to be amended from--- "women may not go topless" to "ALL individuals with substantial breast tissue must be properly attired in public, that is, the nipples and aureolae may not be visible." OKAY-- Does this mean that flat-chested women are then free to go waist-up naked, while fat old geezers with flabby "man boobs" will be required to cover up-- wear a sports bra, at least? The possibilities are delicious. Annie
  22. Turquoise is my favorite color and semi-precious stone, but with this red hair I would never wear it. Annie
  23. Annie

    I need a little guidance please!!

    Annah-- I agree with your psychiatrist. Go by your real name from day one. My transitionibg at work was hindered by everyone there knowing me as my birth name. One inflexible assistant manager continued to use it even after the legal change, liked to embarrass me by calling it out across a crowded store just to see me squirm. I was passing pretty well at the time and her nasty pranks did lead to a lot of heads turning and whispering among customers. These abuse, and an insane workload, contributed to my meltdown at that job. I know your situation is rather different, yet they still can't call you a name they've never heard. Annie
  24. Janey Good topic. My most dramatic purge happened at age 21. I did this to convince a girlfriend that she was more important to me than what I told her was only an unimportant alter-ego. (yah, right!) I stuffed everything I had into a boxy 1950s suitcase (it was a horrid maroonish-eggplant color), threw in a few small boulders and hurled the thing off the Tomlinson Bridge and into New Haven harbor while my friend watched. It sunk like a suitcase full of rocks should, with a few bubbles of complaint. Talk about instant regrets! There were a couple of items in there that could not be replaced, undies that reflected a trend which had died out within a year or so. When Charlie's Angels hit TV there was this jiggle phenomenon and the behind was "in." These support panties were like bras for your butt cheeks: they lifted and separated with a strip that ran down the center seam. Never did find anything like them again. I think purging is the only way to determine how willing you are to be who the world perceives you as even when the world isn't there to watch. I wasn't willing, not for love or the money it took to buy a new wardrobe. Annie
  25. Shannon Thanks for this timely information on how Health Care reform affects our community. Annie