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  1. When my girlfriend (MTF Transgender) started taking hormones, she was really happy because she had a nice B-cup, but she lost some weight and went down to an A-cup. She's unhappy about it, and she's just not going to gain weight right now, she way too stressed. But, now she really wants to buy a Breast Enahancement Pump, and she's really not being to cautious about looking into what might really work and I'm afraid I'm a little sceptical about the whole thing.
    I was just wondering if there was any others out there that had used the pumps, if they could give me any feedback, or even (if the heavens allowed it) could even recommend one??? Or, if not, does anyone have any other ideas on how she can feel more sexy about her breast size, without actually having surgery, which we can't afford right now. I tell her I love her breasts all the time, but I know it's something that "she" has to feel. Any feedback. thanks