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  1. Hello , And WELCOME to the Newest Members of the Forum The Significant Others , I wanted to make a personal and Hopefully Helpful Starting point for those who are truelly Significan in our lives , so I am Adding this section For the Sole Purpose For the Significant Others To Meet one another .

    As You may have noticed this Forum and the other Forums are here for Learning , Growing , Understanding , And Supporting , and on occasion a great time of silly banter .

    I hope this becomes a large community of Loving and Supportive Members as well , we all find that we need a shoulder to cry on , an ear to listen to us when we have concerns , and a guiding answer to the Pressing questions we Have .

    Once Again I hope that the many Significant others come introduce them selves and write a breif intro , that way the rest of the SO's That visit the Forum can see " I truelly Am Not Alone " .

    I truelly want to Thank You All For Sharing and Carring for Your SO's We all to well understand the needs and desires needed with Helping not only Yourselves in Dealing with the Issues associated with any form Of Gender Variance , But Those That Your SO's are going through along with you.

    Stephani P. Ryan

    If you need help that you are unable to find through this section please PM me and I will be glad to Help in any way I can .