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  1. Lucas Grindley | March 30 2015 2:55 AM ET
    "The joke sparked negative headlines all over entertainment media and was a huge dud on social media, which called out Foxx as transphobic. Perez Hilton tweeted, "Boo! Shame on you #iHeartAwards for allowing @iamjamiefoxx to be transphobic on national television! Those #BruceJenner jokes were wrong!!!"" --

    Jamie Foxx Called Out for Crossing Line on Bruce Jenner Jokes

    I didn't seem to hear any "booing" in the video clip of Foxx's poor humour. To the contrary, there was laughter, and you could hear and see some audience members clapping.

    In fact, before Foxx dropped the first "joke," just the mention of Jenner's name elicited laughter... as if in anticipation of something to do with Jenners gender identity.