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  1. SDGLN Staff, September 17th, 2012
    "Lewallen was a longtime champion of equal rights for LGBT people, and for over 30 years remained a passionate advocate for the cause. The Denver resident continued to attend local meetings longer after she left national office.

    "Just last month, Lewallen attended the PFLAG Denver meeting at which they celebrated her 93rd birthday. At the event, in support of her excellent work over three decades, the Office of the Mayor of Denver proclaimed June 3, 2012 Elinor Lewallen Day."

    Former president of PFLAG dies at age 93
  2. Sunnivie Brydum | March 24 2015 5:25 PM ET
    "John Keefe, who is married to a woman and has three children, first applied for the custom license plate bearing the letters "LGBTALY" in December. When he didn't hear back after filing his application, Keefe said he thought the application had been lost."

    Oklahoma Says 'LGBT' Is 'Sexual In Nature' (with Video)