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  1. Two of my girlfriends and I went out to go dancing and let our hair fly on Saturday night. It was great, we arrived to the club and were welcomed with open arms. Guys were buying us drinks and we danced our asses off. 
    When it was time to leave we had a 6 block hike in our 6 inch heels to the parking lot, but some young kids decided to harass us while walking to our safe zone.
    One of my girlfriends, who will remain nameless, was assaulted one time by a man who continuously called her a freak while she was walking alone to her car after work a few years back. 
    Because of that terrible attack we walk in numbers — ALWAYS. When being harassed by these punks I took a photo of their license plate causing them to stop in the middle of the road threatening to run me over with the car.
    Here's where the story elevates; as they made the threat two deputies were coming out of a diner and heard the words spewing from the mouths of these thugs. It only took them seconds to react and the trio were taken into custody. 
    The deputies said it didn't matter that we were CD/TG, we were people who needed help and that's what they do.
    I love the Emerald City.
    The moral of the story is simple: Walk in numbers and don't be afraid to ask for help.  
  2. Ok , you may not have been in a relationship where your partner had finally came to you in a broken state , attempting to clearly tell you about their life suffering or involved in :

    You went out Seaching for Some one you knew held that special quality about them , and You found and entered into a relationship with them , Because of who they were or was it because they had issue with or suffered from any verious form of Gender variance .

    Please tell us and the other SO's , what drew you to what society considers to be Taboo , or Wrong .

    Thanks and A Big Hug , You Are a Special Person we all would be Lucky to Know, and become friends with.