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  1. Assembly Bill 1121, which would provide transgender Californians with a more streamlined process of changing their names and gender markers on birth certificates, passed by a vote of 56-18.

    BY Daniel Reynolds | September 07 2013 2:11 PM ET
    "“Transgender people are entitled to have their official documents and their legal name reflect their true identity without a burdensome and expensive process that endangers their personal safety,” Atkins said in a recent statement. “I am hopeful that the governor will support this simple bill that will greatly enhance the lives of transgender Californians.”"

    California Legislature Passes Trans Birth Certificate Bill
  2. Parker Marie Molloy | January 31 2014 10:25 AM ET
    "The bill was inspired in part by the case of Christopher Lee, a transgender man who died in 2012. Upon his death, a dispute broke out among family and friends over whether or not Lee should be identified as male or female on his death certificate. Ultimately, Lee's death certificate identified him as female, despite the fact that he lived his life and identified as a man."

    Calif. Bill Promotes Proper Identification on Trans Death Certificates
  3. Mitch Kellaway | June 02 2014 3:01 PM ET
    "Being misgendered after death "sends a message, really a pretty strong signal to the rest of the community, that your wishes around your gender, your identity, your life as this person, who you are doesn’t matter and can be completely erased once you’re not here to stand up for yourself," Ilona Turner, legal director for the Transgender Law Center, told The California Report."

    Calif. Assembly Passes Bill to Respect Trans People’s Gender on Death Certificates