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  1. UK

    “Sandy is a male to female pre-operative transsexual who is remarkably frank about the physical, mental and emotional changes he is about to make.
    Next year, if all goes to plan, he will undergo an eight-hour operation to physically alter him – irrevocably – into a female.
    Mentally, he is already there.” - Katie Oakes

    Pre-op transsexual Sandy Manley-he’s now ready to be a woman

    Pronouns anyone? ~ Beth
  2. “The woman told Skånskan that the doctor in charge was unwilling to do the operation as "he doesn't operate on transsexuals".” - The Local/rm

    Swedish docs deny transexual
  3. Maryville transsexual woman trying to raise awareness
    "You'll see a transsexual person everyday, you just won't know it." Lewis transitioned from a male to female gender expression in 1999, after moving to Knoxville for a job. For the most part, she says she and others keep the secret to live a normal, ..."
  4. Transsexuals need our help
    Malaysia -- Ms Jessie Chung, a transsexual, married Mr Joshua Beh in a ceremony in Sarawak, Malaysia. A report by the Sinar Harian stated that transsexuals should be given a chance to lead a positive life and career.
  5. Transsexual teacher, burlesque dancer forced to resign
    (Video) Christina Cracraft believes she was forced to resign because parents and the district's administration could not accept the fact that she is a transsexual who also dances in burlesque shows. "I'ma school teacher, a pianist, and a showgirl," ...
  6. CF policy supports transsexual members
    Victoria Lookout
    Last month, a CANFORGEN was released to highlight the implementation of the Canadian Forces Military Personnel Instruction 01/11, Management of CF Transsexual Members. The policy gives clear direction to CF leadership on the specific management..,
  7. Transsexual Woman Ticketed for Using Ladies Room
    NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (blog)
    A Dallas transsexual woman was issued a ticket for using the women's restroom at Parkland Hospital. Parkland police cited Paula Witherspoon, whose legal name is Paul Witherspoon, for disorderly conduct on April 25. "It was definitely humiliating...
  8. Sex-change beauty queen: Transgender teenager wins place in the Miss England
    Jackie Green, now 18, has clinched the public vote and will be the first transgender contestant to reach the semi-finals of the national pageant. Jackie, who was asked to enter the beauty contest by scouts who knew nothing about her sex swap past...
  9. Transsexual may resort to prostitution for surgery
    A transsexual may return to prostitution to pay for gender reassignment surgery because the New Zealand Government waiting list is too long..
  10. Cuban transsexual elected to public office
    The Guardian
    A Cuban transsexual has become the first known transgender person to hold public office in the country, winning election as a delegate to the municipal government of Caibarien in the central province of Villa Clara. Adela Hernandez, 48, hailed her...
  11. Click on this picture for the details.


    NOTE: Dr. Zukowski provides facial feminization surgery for transgender patients.
  12. The Spectrum of Transgenderism

    As gender identity continues to be researched and theorized, the field is becoming increasingly complicated. Even with something as simple as sex, research into that field, even research limited to human sex, turns up complicated answers. Being transgender does not immediately impart perfect knowledge of the spectrum, and sex spectrums are still confused for gender spectrums, even within the transgender and intersex community. Hopefully this short guide will prove useful for how we should address one another.

    Cisgender - a person who identifies with the gender associated with their birth sex (males to boys and females to girls)

    Transgender - a person who does not identify with the gender that is associated with their birth sex

    Ambigender - a person who identifies with both major genders, including moderate biases. This includes cross-dressers and club kids.

    Androgender - a person who identifies with neither gender

    Transsexual - a person who wishes their body to match their gender identity; this includes those who have had or are seeking sexual reassignment surgery.

    Intersex - a person who's sex organs and/or chromosomal sex do not fight the definition of male or female. This includes hermaphrodites.

    Let me know if I left anybody out.

    Amare atque Pace, Semper

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