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  1. Zack Ford | Jun 15, 2017
    "To cement their commitment to honoring and protecting transgender people from discrimination, the AMA delegates also “called for future AMA meetings to take place, whenever possible, only in those counties, cities and states that have nondiscriminatory policies.”"  --
    The country’s largest medical organization is protecting transgender people from ‘bathroom bills’
  2. Tennessee

    “A new anti-transgender "bathroom bill" was filed in Tennessee's General Assembly today by a Republican state Senator. The bill "restricts access to public restrooms and public dressing rooms designated by sex to members of that particular sex." There is a monetary fine for people who violate the law. And since in Tennessee it's legally impossible to get your sex changed on your birth certificate (and only a little less impossible to get it changed on your drivers' license), this affects all transgender and gender non-conforming people.” - Scottie Thomaston

    New Anti-Transgender Bill Introduced in Tennessee
  3. I'm not sure if Eriz Lanseta is jealous or just intolerant since this article starts out calling [her] a "homosexual beauty queen" but ends with "Lanseta has not undergone sex change." -dml

    in PHILIPPINES, 19/04/2012
    "A HOMOSEXUAL beauty queen opposed the Miss Universe Organization's decision to allow transgender women in the prestigious beauty pageant.

    "This after reports came out that Miss Universe officials decided to change its rules, allowing transgender contestants in the pageant..."

    Miss Gay Philippines titlist against transgender women in Miss Universe