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  1. US - Transgender Birth Certificate Laws & Policies. More information at

  2. Janell Ross May 18 at 7:30 AM
    "So too is the fact that Grace did so in protest against North Carolina's so-called bathroom law. Grace said she wanted to voice her opposition to what she considers North Carolina's "ridiculous law," requiring people to use public restrooms which correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate or run the risk of criminal charges. Grace told reporters she wanted to make a point: Trans people will not live in fear."  --
    How easy is it to change the sex on your birth certificate?
  3. Mitch Kellaway | June 30 2015 6:19 PM ET
    "As trans advocates cheered this "modernization," they also note that similar conclusions have been reached by legislators in at least seven other U.S. states — most recently, Hawaii — which have also eased surgical prerequisites for updating gender markers on birth certificates. Removing surgical barriers to obtaining accurate legal documentation has also become a worldwide issue, with parts of Canada as well as the nations of Turkey, Israel, and Taiwan recently relaxing surgery requirements for certain legal documents."  --
    Connecticut Makes Changing Birth Certificates Easier for Trans Folks
  4. NYC rapped in transgender birth certificate case
    Wall Street Journal
    AP NEW YORK — A judge says New York City asked too much of a transgender man trying to get his sex changed on his birth certificate. A recent ruling says the city overreached by seeking a psychiatric report and detailed surgical records.
  5. Parker Marie Molloy | December 16 2013 1:35 PM ET
    "The legislation, Senate Bill 2786, was sponsored by the committee chairman, Sen. Joseph Vitale, a Democrat. If passed, the new law would replace a 1984 statute that restricts the update of these documents to those who have had such surgeries."

    New Jersey Moves on Transgender Birth Certificate Bill

    This article closes with " indication as to whether [New Jersey Governor] Christie would exercise his veto power should the legislation make it to him."

    In light of his driven attempt to have the recently-passed law for same-sex marriage over-turned...I see plenty of indication that he could veto this bill.

    I don't think I've ever felt more offended. You're doing this again, man?