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  1. Sexuality has too many loopholes in Finding Myself

    By WarrenG, posted
    I'm bored out of my mind (on vacation from work because of spring vacation) so I've taken to Sims 4, exercise, writing and being lazy.
    But while I sit here, something has come to mind. Sexuality.
    Someone mentioned it to me and asked what my sexuality is, and I said I "think" I'm bisexual.
    Well for someone like me who hasnt been fully educated on what certain sexualities are, I cant help but wonder if I'm not fitting that catagory.
    I mean, men? Hell yes. Girls? Totally. But I really dont have any judgement against ANY gender, really. Now that I've been thrust deep into the world of Transitioning Transgenders, I've come to realize that there is much more than male and female.
    And the more I realize that, the less I seem to care about what they are. Everyone's fair game and gorgeous to me, really.
    So that brought up the subject of Pansexuality. I'm not fully aware of what that is, but it seems maybe the best bet?
    From what I understand, pansexuals are open to male, female, transgenders, crossdressers, etc. I think, from what I was told anyway.
    Which sort of fits for me, since I really dont care what you identify as. I'm not after your gender. I'm after your personality.

    Just a random thought I felt like sharing while I half die on this darn exercise stepper thingie that is literally destroying my calves >.<
    There was a big Hooha about me coming out as Bisexual on facebook, and with all the hype about me being transgender, I think I'll wait a while before mentioning the possibility of pansexuality.
    Basically its just Bisexuals with wider horizons LOL

    Forever Curious and Learning,
  2. I remembered questioning my relationship with J. I am a hetero cisgender female, sharing my story with TG Guide members, and hope that you might find some support in your own situation from my post.

    Partner to J, a man who transitioned M2F,I found his coming out and then his transition caused me to question my own sexual preference. I struggled with societal views and judgments, and wondered how I would be perceived in the relationship if I stayed. I wondered what our sexual relationship would be like on the other side of J's transition M2F.

    If you are a heterosexual cisgender male, and "she" becomes "he" (F2M) your sex life will change. You may find yourself in a a homosexual/gay sexual relationship. Do you wonder, if you stay, and you still find pleasure and satisfaction in your relationship with your partner that it means you are a homosexual, gay, or, bisexual? In my own situation, I wondered, will that mean I am a lesbian? After much thought and angst, I concluded, maybe, I am simply, "bicapable".

    "Bicapable" is a term I coined to describe the relationship between an SO and "A PARTICULAR person (husband/wife/partner) who transitions M2F or F2M. THIS partner whom you have established a sexual relationship with as a "he or, as a she", and with whom you have a "HISTORY". I believe it is possible to have a gratifying sexual intimate relationship to each others mutual satisfaction, after "he transitions to female, or, she transitions to male" because you know and understand each others emotional and physical needs. At the same time, you know in yourself, that in any other circumstance, presented with a homosexual/gay sexual encounter or relationship, that you would have no sexual interest. This is what I mean by "bicapable".

    So many variables make up one's own ability to enjoy being with another person in an intimate way.
    It is no one's business but that of the two of you with regard to how you express your sexual nature when together. In any relationship, it is the couple that defines what that is. Self-exploration, curiosity, and experimentation can go a long way to contributing to personal growth. And, I believe a relationship can grow and flourish if done with mutual respect, self-awareness, consent, and care for another person.

    My suggestion is to talk to your partner about your needs, likes, dislikes, fears, and to be honest, and sensitive to your partners needs as well. You might be surprised at what you discover about yourself, and your partner. Could you discover you are a gay? Maybe. But you may come to realize that by nature, you are not gay, but with THIS person, in THIS relationship, you are bicapable. Thoughts?
  3. “Dykes on Bikes revving their engines; shirtless muscled young men dancing to a disco beat atop flatbed floats winding their way down the streets; dazzling drag queens in red and gold and silver; the Freedom Trail Marching Band trumpeting the call; a black-and-white cocker spaniel wearing a sign announcing "DON'T ASSUME I'M STRAIGHT"; lesbian moms and gay dads pushing strollers or walking beside youth of all ages; Gays for Patsy Klein decked out in their finest country duds, two-stepping down the boulevard; AIDS activists falling to the pavement of those same boulevards in mock death to expose governmental and societal inaction, which is still killing so many; married same-sex couples walking hand in hand; Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG) proclaiming "WE ARE PROUD OF OUR LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER SONS AND DAUGHTERS"; alongside political, social, and service organizations, business and religious caucuses of all stripes and denominations, and of course, bystanders watching the procession, holding court from the sidelines.” - Warren J. Blumenfeld

    Youth Activism & Possibility