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  1. (I'm sharing what I received. I'm registered with GLSEN as a teacher/activist. They do great things for children. But only when we are all involved.)Dear Erica, Since the election, we have seen an increase in reported instances of harassment, bullying, and violence towards LGBTQ students in schools. With the new administration now in office, there’s growing anxiety among LGBTQ students, and those of other marginalized groups, about what they might face. We have to let the most vulnerable students know that we have their backs. All of us! To this end, GLSEN is launching 100 Days of Kindness – a national campaign inviting our community to post messages of support to LGBTQ students on social media by sharing moments of #KindnessInAction. Each message shared will form a brick in a virtual wall of kindness at Here what we need you to do right now:- Send a message of support to LGBTQ students on social media by sharing a time when you saw kindness in action at your school, past or present. You can include your favorite school photo, take a current selfie, or record a short video. Just use the hashtag #KindnessInAction in your post so we can include you in the wall of kindness. - Encourage your friends and family to use the hashtag #KindnessInAction and do the same! Whether an educator using our correct pronouns or the student who invited us to their lunch table, we’ve all experienced kindness – and it’s more important than ever that we lift up these moments of kindness for LGBTQ youth. Together, Eliza Byard, Ph.D.Executive Director, GLSEN
  2. David Michael Conner | 11/11/2016 11:36 am ET
    "I can’t say whether he is one of the abusers who called me a faggot, who kicked me, flicked my ears, pinched and punched me in the locker room, and who ultimately caused me to read the suicide textbook “The Final Exit” and stockpile pills throughout my youth as an emergency escape hatch."  --
    I Am Gay. I Will Not Be Tortured Again
  3. A 8th grader tells the story of bullying in a very powerful way. While this isn't directly about transgender issues I think you'll agree that we can all relate to the story of bullying and hate in this young man's message.

    Don't let the haters win. They are the ones with the problem. You have a million reasons to be here.

  4. "A new analysis of implicit bias and explicit sexual orientation statements may help to explain the underpinnings of anti-gay bullying and hate crimes."

    Jeanna Bryner and LiveScience, April 10, 2012,
    "Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires..."

    Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals

    Thanks to long-time member, Daneela, for bringing this article to the members
  5. Robin Tomlin, who is battling liver disease, calls it a 'happy day'

    23 October 2012 | By Greg Hernandez
    Robin Tomlin finally got his face-to-face apology.

    It's been 42 years since he received his Argyle Secondary School yearbook, opened it to the page with his picture on it, and saw the one word that was printed under his name: 'Fag.'

    Bullied while he was in school, Tomlin was haunted for years by the slur saying that because of the remark printed in the yearbook, 'emotionally, they've been beating me with a stick for 42 years.'

    Canadian man finally gets apology for anti-gay slur in his 1970 high school yearbook

    " In 2004, the school told Tomlin that the statutory limitation period had long since expired. But after a lawyer who went to the same school took on the case pro bono and the case began to get worldwide publicity, the school began to respond."
    Tomlin commented in the article that they made a very sincere apology. But I can't help but wonder how sincere it really was if the school district didn't feel compelled to apologize (because it was just the right thing to do - statutory limitations be damned) until after a lawyer and the media got involved. -dml

  6. Post on Transgender Student Viciously Attacked in Transgender Crime

    By CharityLynnCaswell, posted