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  1. Just read an article The Challenge of Being Transgender in a Nursing Home. I wonder how many transgender people think about if and when they need assisted living and have not had surgery how will they cope with an environment that may not permit them to carry on as prior to moving to assisted living.
    I am sure some think that "I have my own home and will never need assisted living" but I see this as a falsehood because their home may not be okay for quality of life. Some where in the article they mention a person who moves into assisted living and surmise that within a week or less time their true gender is discovered e.g. a bath is given to them, that is a sure fire way to be discovered or in some cases "outed" and not in a pleasant manner.
    Another part of the article talks about how some cross-dressers and transgender forego health care in fear they will be outed in one or more ways.
    The article also mentioned there are 700,000 plus transgender people in the US and some are learned from various reports from say Social Security or census.
    So if you have not consider this it might be time to do so. I have as the females in my family generally live to over 90 years old. My mother is 94, still living at home with my brother but if something happened to him she would need assisted living. 
    Thinking of myself, even after surgery I could have issues but would guess much less than a cisgender male living as a female without any surgeries and the same for a cisgender female living as a male.
    Food for thought.