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  1. Hello all,
      In my on-going efforts to enhance my femininity, I've enlisted the help of a straight, biological, cis woman.  I turned to Craigslist to "hire" someone willing to help me better understand makeup and women's fashion.  After several false starts and sifting through several frauds, fakes, and phonies, I've finally met with a lady who is very interested in my transformation process and is sympathetic to the difficulties I've faced.  Her name is Lisa.
      Lisa is a 50 y/o married lady who has experience in helping her friends get ready for social events such as weddings, photo shoots, etc.  Although she is ten years my senior, I actually find this to be an advantage, because she can help me select clothing and jewelry that is more age appropriate.
      I am very eager to go shopping with Lisa, because of her age, as well as the fact that she is a nice looking woman, I think it will help serve as "social camouflage" for me while she helps me sort through women's clothing at the local mall.  Plus, just having someone who can offer a sincere, unbiased opinion on what looks good and doesn't should help temper my male-biased sense of ladies fashion choices...
      Has anyone else, here, ever enlisted the help of sympathetic cis women to assist in their transformation?  Any tips or advice?