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  1. A lovely article from West Virginia/Ohio

    “All right, class. Who can tell me the answer to this question? If Susie has two lesbian "mommies" and Sam has two transgender "daddies," how many adults who have contributed to California's glorious history are in the two groups?” - Mike Myer

    Really Get Back To Basics
  2. “On the heels of passing scores of new absurd laws many dealing with lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual, and transgender education in K-12 Social Science curricula, lawmakers in the Democratic-controlled Golden State have amended an existing bill that is so outrageous, so appalling, it humbles even the most tolerant of us.” - Roger Gitlin

    California’s assault on family values
  3. Michigan

    “The proposal was introduced in late 2010 before the Office of Residence Life said that language would be added to the housing policy to better accommodate transgender students. As of the beginning of the fall 2011 semester, no policy was put in place and transgender students continue to work with the Office of Residence Life on a case-by-case basis.” - David Oltean

    Gender-neutral housing policy unchanged
  4. Utah

    “Members of the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGBT) community and USU Student Services officials say they are excited to work with a new hire at the Access and Diversity Center. USU alumna Brooke Lambert started Jan. 2 as LGBTQA program coordinator, filling a position left vacant for the fall 2011 semester.“ - Steve Kent

    USU-LGBTQA program coordinator
  5. West Virginia

    “Kevin McCoy of the West Virginia Family Foundation says last-minute amendments to the anti-bullying policy, approved by the state Board of Education behind the scenes, now include the categories of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" -- neither of which was originally included in the bill. The new policy, which goes into effect July 1, includes punishment guidelines against any student who targets another because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Students will also be held accountable for what they write on Facebook or Twitter, and they will receive an automatic ten-day suspension from school for any violations.” - Bob Kellogg

    Mountain State paving way for 'gay' indoctrination
  6. “Should second-graders be taught how to say “no” if someone is touching them inappropriately? Should third graders learn the functions of all the male and female body parts? And should sixth graders have open conversations in the classroom about gender identity and sexual orientation?” - Katie Kerns, Senior Editor at Everyday Health

    What Should Second Graders Know About Sex
  7. Elmhurst College: Elmhurst, Illinois

    “But the new policy hasn’t spawned a windfall of openly gay applicants. About 5 percent of the 2,204 applicants so far this year have identified themselves as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender), Elmhurst admissions dean Gary Rold said.” - Mitch Smith

    No Identity Crisis
  8. Indiana University

    “After making the decision to transition, Jackson was fairly surprised at the ease with which the University allowed him to change, he said.

    “What caught my eye first was the gender option when I signed up for housing,” Jackson said.” - Makenzie Holland

    RPS includes transgender students

    It's always nice to have a positive story to share ~ Beth
  9. The Top 10 Trans-Friendly Colleges and Universities
    Transgender people within higher education continue to be an invisible, often forgotten community. Only about 10% of colleges and universities have trans-inclusive nondiscrimination statements. Research suggests that trans people face higher rates of harassment when compared to cisgender lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and are three times more likely to fear for their physical safety on campus. In the last decade, however, a number of campuses have become stalwart leaders in creating trans-friendly policies, programs, and practices..