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  1. I was the first transgender person to change their name legally through our county clerk office. I will soon be the first transgender female to change her M to an F on her ID though our DMV. (It has been a pleasant learning experience for all involved. I mean that seriously.)

    I have given in, but only slightly, on my stubbornness to change my M to an F using laws that do not use the words gender and sex correctly. I talked to both my mental health provider and my primary care today to ask them to write the necessary affidavit that will state my predominant gender is female, which will allow me to change both my NY state ID and my Calif. birth certificate to reflect that I am female. (I only need one but better to have too much than not enough) I should be receiving those affidavits by mail in a few days.

    Now that doesn't mean I'm giving up on educating people on the difference and proper use of the words Sex and Gender. It just means I will no longer be able to state defiantly that "I break the law regularly and whenever I use the restroom in public."

    #transgender   #lgbt   #lgbtq  
  2. Report recommends scrapping transgender sex change laws
    ABC Online
    A new report recommends transgender people should not have to face sexual reassignment surgery in order to legally change their gender in the ACT...