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  1. Gender Identity Exploration in On Being...Me

    By Chrissy, posted
    Hi all,

    Well, since last I wrote I have become unemployed – YAY!  It was by choice, I had been planning on going back to school part-time when my employer offered a reasonably generous “buy out” package, so I took it – this way I can go back to school full-time and finish in 2 years instead of 3 (I’ll be attending NYU in the fall, going for a Masters in Social Work).

    So for the next 2 months, until Orientation on August 31, I am completely free. What I hadn’t considered was the “identity crisis” that would create – let’s face it, most people identify by their job, and I currently have none, and although I’m registered for classes, I haven’t really started being a student yet either.

    That brings me to the main point of this entry!!! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I now have GRS (or SRS if you prefer) scheduled for December 27. Because this is sooner than we had been discussing, my therapist asked if we could start meeting twice a week for a while – she’s (hopefully) writing one of the letters I’ll need, so she wants to make sure we cover what needs to be covered. I’m fine with that – I have the time, I like her, and I think it’s important work (I don’t like the fact that the WPATH standards call for more than informed consent for surgery, but I still think it’s important to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

    As a starting point, I started a “list” of things that I think I should be aware of, considering, etc., in connection with GRS – I wanted to post that here and seek feedback – either additional items for the list, comments on the things I listed, whatever – and hopefully this can be of some help to others who are planning or even thinking about GRS J

    So here’s my list – just bullet-point form, for now without any details on my thoughts - and in no particular order:

    ·         How will peeing be different?

    ·         How will orgasms be different?

    ·         Clothing will fit different

    ·         I will feel more completely – fully a woman

    ·         I’ve had a penis all my life – is it possible I’d miss it?

    ·         What will care and “maintenance” be like?

    ·         Are there new health issues to be concerned about?  And are any health concerns being eliminated?

    ·         There’s no going back = unlike other parts of transitioning which are, more or less “reversible”

    ·         I probably have a better chance at a relationship as a gay man than as a straight woman – and this removes being able to “present” as a gay man

    ·         Could I handle regret if it lasted long-term?

    And I really, really want to emphasize that these are literally any thought or question I could think of – some of them seem more important to me, some of them barely register in terms of importance, but I think it’s necessary to address everything that you can think of. At this risk of sounding prematurely defensive, I say that just to preclude anyone from saying that “if X is really important you shouldn’t proceed with the surgery!”

  2. Peter Hancock | June 2, 2016
    "His remarks came during debate over a nonbinding resolution condemning the Obama administration's new guidelines on Title IX compliance that instruct schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms and to participate in other sex-segregated activities that correspond to their gender identity."
    Psychiatric consensus: Kansas lawmaker’s claim that transgender people are ‘insane’ is false, misguided
  3. Janell Ross May 18 at 7:30 AM
    "So too is the fact that Grace did so in protest against North Carolina's so-called bathroom law. Grace said she wanted to voice her opposition to what she considers North Carolina's "ridiculous law," requiring people to use public restrooms which correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate or run the risk of criminal charges. Grace told reporters she wanted to make a point: Trans people will not live in fear."  --
    How easy is it to change the sex on your birth certificate?
  4. Krystin Arneson | April 26, 2016 12:00 pm
    "Of course it's not just a human-rights issue they're taking a stand on: Businesses can suffer if discriminatory laws pass. In Nashville, for example, leaders in tourism and entertainment are worried about boycotts that could lead to lost hotel rooms and shows pulling the productions from the city. They might be right: Viacom—Country Music Television's parent company—has also been publicly condemning discriminatory bills. And Lionsgate, which films Nashville, in, well, Nashville, moved 100 jobs from North Carolina after the state passed a similar bill."
    These 70 Companies You Use Every Day Are Among Those Taking a Stand for Transgender Rights
  5. 28 May 2015 | David Hudson
    "But does that reasoning really hold true? The ever-evolving state of the law in this area shows this reasoning is weak and provides strong support for employers, including protections in equal employment opportunity (EEO), anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation policies for all their LGBT employees."
    Why your company needs to get its sexual orientation and trans policies in order
  6. “I believe that the concept of emancipation doesn’t begin and end with gaining freedom from physical bondage. There is another deeper layer to this word; a person is truly emancipated when she can think, believe, speak and act without any influence or constraint. I cling to Islam to shape my emancipation—my liberation from my gender and my transcendence into a state of complete submission God.” - Katherine Wilson

    Emancipating gender
  7. Dallas

    “The Dallas County Community College District board this week amended its policies to prohibit discrimination on the basis of "gender identity and expression."” - Bruce Tomaso

    Dallas County community colleges prohibit discrimination based on 'gender identity and expression'
  8. New York

    “Currently, the comptroller is in the process of filing shareholder resolutions on equal opportunity policies with 15 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, including 13 new filings and two refilings, the latter to ExxonMobil and American Financial. The comptroller’s office reports that it has reached agreements with 22 companies in the past two years to adopt an antidiscrimination policy for the first time, with some agreements encompassing only sexual orientation and others including sexual orientation and gender identity.” - Julie Bolcer

    Equifax Raises Bar With Nondiscrimination Policy
  9. Posted: 04/20/2012 9:36 am Updated: 04/20/2012 9:36 am
    "The preliminary study by Laura Case, Ramachandran’s student, raises the prospect of a new category of transgenderism. “Alternating gender incongruity (AGI),” the neuropsychiatric term the researchers have tentatively proposed, describes the involuntary change of gender identity, along with perceived phantom sex characteristics, a tendency toward ambidexterity and bipolar disorder, all signs that suggest a biological basis for AGI."

    'Alternating Gender Incongruity' Causes Rapid Shifts Of Gender, Scientist Claims

    Read more on Ramachandran's studies in the thread begun by Shannon in April 2008. The topic sparked quite a bit of discussion.
  10. Written by AP Sep 13, 2012
    "Voters in Salina, Kan., will decide on Nov. 6 whether to repeal the city’s new ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity."

    Kansas town to vote on repealing nondiscrimination ordinance
  11. By Johanna Chiefo
    "Her students have always known her as José; now she is Melisa. Thin, very tall and with dazzling finger nails, she is proud of the acceptance she got from her daughters (aged 21 and 16) and the rest of her family, who confirmed their own suspicions after seeing Melisa dressed as a woman in photos that Melisa had decided to show them."

    'Kids, Jose Is Now Melisa' - Meet Buenos Aires' First Transsexual Teacher
  12. By Anna Edwards
    PUBLISHED: 07:08 EST, 25 October 2012 | UPDATED: 19:22 EST, 25 October 2012
    A city is proposing to ban titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms in case they offend the transgender community.

    Councillors in Brighton will vote on the proposal to remove the words from official forms and paperwork after complaints that they forced people to ‘choose between genders’.

    The proposal is backed by Brighton and Hove City Council deputy leader Phelim MacCafferty, who has called the titles 'useless'.

    But the new proposal has been branded 'political correctness gone too far' by an opposition councillor who says the idea is 'ludicrous'..

    Brighton Council plans to remove Mr and Mrs titles from all documents to protect city's transgender community from offence
  13. BY Lucas Grindley, December 21 2012 4:02 PM ET
    "Then the Pope goes on at some length to insist that God created a "duality" in gender that is "an essential aspect of what being human is all about." He said people are trying to "decide" their genders, calling transgender people a "manipulation of nature.""

    In Christmas Speech, Pope Rants About Gender

    I wondered when the Pope would get around to us, so wrapped up and concerned about gay/lesbian issues as he has been...
  14. by Trans News Editors on Dec 15, 2012
    Members of a local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy organization announced late Thursday afternoon that Charlotte, North Carolina City Manager Curt Walton has made the decision to add protections for transgender workers to the city’s non-discrimination policy.

    Transgender Protections Added to Charlotte NC City Policy
  15. Posted: 01/08/2013 10:12 am EST
    "A New York City-based transgender teacher was allegedly fired from the Catholic school where he'd taught for 32 years after being branded "worse than gay" when he revealed his gender identity."

    Mark Krolikowski, Transgender NYC Teacher, Sues School After Allegedly Being Branded 'Worse Than Gay'
  16. 23 January 2013 | By Anna Leach
    "South America could have its first transgender legislator if Valentina Verbal wins a seat in congress in next November's election."

    First transgender congressional candidate in Chile
  17. The case of transgender Catholic school teacher Mark Krolikowski: Keeping the faith while gender notions evolve

    By Jim Fitzgerald

    Mark Krolikowskiwore his hair at shoulder length, his nails long and well manicured, and his ears pierced. His appearance, which evolved over the 32 years he’d spent teaching at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, had always been considered a bit unconventional for a Catholic school teacher, but it had caused no problems until October 2011 when the parent of a freshman student complained, setting in motion a series of events that culminated in Krolikowski’s dismissal.
    The former teacher says he was laid off because he informed school officials that he was transgender. He has filed suit. The school’s attorney says Krolikowski was fired for “nondiscriminatory reasons.”

  18. Filed: Monday, March 4, 2013
    "The bill adds gender identity or expression to the list of race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability and sexual orientation. If a jury finds a crime was motivated by one of these qualifiers, the offender faces an additional charge carrying the possibility of 20 years in prison."

    Nevada lawmakers consider adding gender identity to hate crime statute
  19. 07 March 2013 | By Joe Morgan
    " The possibly underage girl found out the truth when another girl from Stonehaven emailed her a copy of Wilson’s passport – which gave Wilson’s birth name Christine. The two kissed but it went no further."

    Scottish transgender man admitted to 'obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud' in two cases, meaning he will face jail time
  20. Filed: Monday, March 11, 2013
    "Jones said the deputy yelled at her to leave immediately. Jones complied, but said she told the deputy she had a legal right to use the restroom. Jones said the deputy replied she had to leave “regardless of what the law is.”"

    Iowa judge says transgender woman faced discrimination
  21. April 25, 2013 by Trans News Editors
    "The Kalamazoo Township (MI) Board of Trustees voted this week to add language to its equal opportunity employer policy that states that the township will not discriminate against gender identity, sexual orientation, or genetic information."

    Gender Identity Added to Kalamazoo Township Equal Employment Policy
  22. Cites the personal experiences of a transgender friend in his call for action
    04 June 2013 | By Greg Hernandez
    "Delaware's Attorney General Beau Biden is taking a lead role in trying to secure legal protections for the transgender people in his state where gay marriage recently became legal."

    Delaware's Attorney General Beau Biden wants legal protections for transgender people
  23. Staff Reports | Tuesday, September 10, 2013
    "The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, comprised of more than 50 national and international unions representing more than 12 million workers, voted in favor of the provision during its 2013 convention being held this week in Los Angeles."

    AFL-CIO adds protections for transgender workers to its constitution
  24. "Typically progressive Dutch legislators were once frontrunners when it came to transgender rights, making the country among the first European countries to grant the community legal recognition of gender identity in 1985.

    "But the legal recognition came at a cost: a sex change operation had to be completed before legal status was granted."*

    Repeatedly, we see where other countries are crucified by the media and [American] human rights organizations because they require SRS of their transgender citizens before granting legal recognition of peoples' gender identities. And of course, we have even had discussion here on the forums on this same issue, condemning those countries. But maybe it's time we stop trying to force other countries to do what's right, and spend more energies on trying to make American do what's right... as we have states that will NOT do so much as even notate a BC unless a person can prove that s/he has undergone SRS - and some of those states require full blown SRS - that, to the best of my knowledge, means/includes (for all intents and purposes) sterilization. And of course, there are those few states that won't allow any change in designation of sex/gender, no matter what.

    Would we in the U.S. be better off if we if we got our own house straightened up before we go cleaning house in other places of the world?

    Wouldn't we have a more powerful influence in helping TGLB people in other countries when we remove the ability of those other countries to call the U.S. hypocrit?

    Isn't the U.S. as bad as the schoolyard bully by trying to intimidate other countries into embracing their TGLB community, when the U.S. itself doesn't do it?


    *From the article linked in post number 5 of the thread,
  25. We asked the Transgender Law Center whether new health care regulations help, hurt. or ignore trans people and their families.

    BY Alex J Davidson | November 01 2013 5:00 AM ET
    "After I wrote recently about how Obamacare will affect LGBT people and their families, I received a number of comments asking about how new health care regulations will specifically affect the trans community. I turned to Anand Kalra, Project Health program manager at the Transgender Law Center in Oakland, Calif., to get answers." --

    How Obamacare Will Affect Trans Folks and Families