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  1. Mitch Kellaway | May 09 2015
    "Upon originally having her visa application neither approved or denied, Soni told the Times she was surprised to face such "discrimination" in today's world. "When the Indian government recognizes us as the third gender, why is the U.S. government indeceisive about it?" she stated. The U.S. consulate has since resolved the issue of Soni's visa according to the Times but has declined further comment."  --
    Trans Indian's Predicament at Border Shows the U.S. Lags Behind
  2. 'Ten border guards standing around reading about my really graphic gay sex? It's really invasive'

    Justin Ling | Published Tue, Jul 9, 2013 1:52 pm EDT
    "The guard seemed all set to wave them through, says Julian, but then the driver did something to give the border agent pause — he referred to Julian as "he."" --

    Trans photographer alleges mistreatment at Canada-US border
  3. Parker Marie Molloy | June 05 2014 10:42 AM ET
    ""This is tremendous news for transgender people across the country who were born in New York State," said Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. "A birth certificate is a fundamental form of identification. This will ensure that transgender people can obtain accurate birth certificates that reflect who they are. It also means they will stop being subjected to harassment and discrimination in areas like employment where identification is essential to proving eligibility to work.”"

    Trans New Yorkers Celebrate Birth Certificate News