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  1. Out2Enroll is an organization designed to help LGBT people find adequate healthcare insurance from the options available under the Affordable Care Act.
  2. "Doctors don't learn how to treat transgender patients in medical school and the medical establishment has been slow to address a rising trend, according to a local physician..."

    Read the article: Transgender patients on rise, but medical care and services lag
  3. Montreal, Quebec -- Many Quebec health-care workers routinely out transsexuals by arguing in public about their name and sex as indicated on the medicare card, advocates for trans people say. Gabrielle Bouchard, a coordinator at the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy in Montreal, said it's exhausting to repeatedly argue about gender and one's name regarding a mortgage or when applying for a job - but it can be especially hurtful while trying to obtain publicly funded medical services..."

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  4. Milwaukee-based FORGE will put on a forum Sept. 28 on transgender issues including policies related to housing, health care, employment and access to public restrooms.

    The FORGE forum will be held at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, 1110 N. Market St. No. 2, Milwaukee beginnint at 7:30 pm, following their open support group session at 6 pm.

    Come … hear about the phenomenal policy strides the trans community has made over the past few years and where we are going next."

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