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  1. Transgender murder 30th anti-LGBTQ homicide in Puerto Rico in decade
    Windy City Times
    Transexuales y Transgeneros en Marcha (TTM), a transgender advocacy organization in Puerto Rico, reported that Malena Suarez, a transgender woman in Carolina, Puerto Rico, was discovered dead in her home as a result of multiple stab wounds...
  2. Transgender Latina Woman Killed In San Francisco

    "Taja Gabrielle DeJesus was fatally stabbed Sunday morning in San Francisco... SF Weekly reports that DeJesus, 33, died at the scene... DeJesus’s Facebook shows she worked for TRANS: THRIVE, a drop-in center for transgender people"

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    Excerpted from article: Nationally, transgender women of color were the victims of 67% of all hate-motivated homicides against LGBT people in 2013, according to a report on hate violence last May by NCAVP.

    Sadly, this happened in a city that prides itself on diversity and acceptance. Please be safe! It seems for every step forward that we take, we encounter even more obstacles. It seems to me that transgender people are the latest minority group that US society tolerates discrimination against. The crime against transgender people isn't anything new and transgender women of color have always been especially vulnerable. What has changed is the wider acceptance of gay and lesbian people, so that leaves transgender folks in the cross hairs of every comedian looking for a cheap laugh, every bible thumping bigot and every idiot who is frightened by someone different. ~ Lori