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  1. Indiana lawmaker opposes honor for Girl Scouts
    Chicago Tribune
    Bob Morris of Fort Wayne said he did some research on the Internet and found allegations that the Girl Scouts are a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood, allow transgender females to join and encourage sex. "After talking to some well-informed ...

    Umm, this simpleton doesn't seem to know the difference between homosexual and transgender people, not that there's anything wrong with either group. Rep. Morris believes that Girl Scouts is a radicalized organization that supports abortion and promotes homosexuality. He says he has discovered allegations that Girl Scouts are a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood, they allow transgender females to join and they encourage sex. ~ Lori

    P.S. I guess it's good we're being associated with homosexuals and planned parenthood rather than homosexuals and pedophiles.
  2. Murder trial begins in patient death
    The Baltimore Sun

    The strangulation of a patient at Clifton T. Perkins psychiatric hospital was not a botched murder-suicide pact as the suspect in the killing claimed, but the murder of a struggling woman in her bed by another patient who was her friend, Howard County prosecutors said Monday...

    Wow, here's a story that doesn't mention the fact that (apparently) both the suspect and victim are transgendered. ~ Lori

    In a different story the transgender connection is mentioned.
  3. Groups offer transsexual support, information
    Journal and Courier
    The following local, state and national groups offer resources and information on transgender issues...