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  1. Federal Judge Rules That Transgender Identities Do Not Invalidate Marriages, Zack Ford, 03 April 201
    A federal judge in Minnesota has ruled that a union health insurance company was wrong to deny spousal insurance to an employee’s wife simply because she is transgender...
  2. Transgender Man Eligible for Health Insurance of “Husband”
    The New American
    The American Independent noted that the controversial ruling of Davis actually bucks the recent trend of courts to rule against transgender plaintiffs in similar cases. “In Texas last summer, the family of a firefighter who died in the line of duty...

    This article is horribly worded and offensive, but the bottom line is case law in Minnesota that supports the legal standing of marriage between a post-op transsexual woman and a biological male, under the Federal DOMA Act. This was all necessary because the woman was denied health insurance on the husband's policy based on grounds of a "fraudulent marriage." The insurance company actually asserted that the couple committed fraud in obtaining a marriage license. I applaud the couple for fighting against the arrogance and bigotry of the insurance fund, however, it is shameful that they had to go through this experience. ~ Lori
  3. New group supports transgender people in Duluth
    Duluth News Tribune
    The purpose of the new Lake Superior Transgender Groups is to provide support for transgender people in the area and also to make the public better aware of issues they face in society...