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  1. First-ever conviction on federal hate crime charges arising from the killing of a transgender woman
    Jeff Amy, AP
    GULFPORT, Miss. — May 15, 2017, 6:57 PM ET
    "Demoya Gordon, attorney for the Transgender Rights Project of Lambda Legal, called the prosecution "significant" but noted it began under President Barack Obama's administration and added "the cake was already baked" on Vallum's sentencing when Donald Trump became president." --
    Man gets 49 years for anti-transgender hate crime killing
  2. I still cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the murders of transgender poeple are NEVER immediately thought to be, believed to be, speculated that or suspected of being, a hate crime - only statements are made like (paraphrasing), "officials have not commented on whether the murder will be investigated as a hate crime," or "it's unknown if this will be concidered a hate crime," or "the murder is not being investigated as a hate crime at this time," etc., etc., etc..  Even in murders where their is unmistakable, viciously brutal over-kill, no one will even say, "this looks like a hate crime."   It's like they go total stupid about it.
    I don't get it.
    27 February 2017 | by Stefanie Gerdes
    "At least one news station – New Orleans’ WWL-TV – misgendered her, and a number of others used Chyna’s dead name."
    Performer shot down in New Orleans is fifth trans woman to be killed in the US this year
  3. “A Blaine man was sentenced to 367 months in prison for a murder in Minneapolis last January.
    Forty-year-old Arnold Waukazo was convicted of killing a transgender woman named Christopher Bates inside a Linden Avenue apartment.” - Leslie Rolander

    Murder of Transgender Woman
  4. “Mexican media reported 17 January on the brutal killing of an apparently transsexual person in Apodaca, near Monterrey in Northern Mexico.” - Paul Canning

    Transgender woman tortured, killed, Mexico
  5. Agnes Hernandez, Mexican Transgender Activist, Brutally Murdered
    Huffington Post
    Nearly 2000 individuals congregated outside a civic plaza in Puebla, Mexico on Tuesday, demanding justice for slain Mexican transgender activist Abraham Torres Hernandez, widely known as Agnés Torres Hernández, whose body was found on...

    This is a tragic loss for the transgender community. We mourn the loss of any from our transgender community, but this young lady was a moving force in the push for transgender rights in Mexico. ~ Lori
  6. Transgender Woman Found Stabbed To Death In South Beach Apartment
    Huffington Post
    A deceased transgender woman was found stabbed multiple times in her South Beach apartment on Thursday on the 500 block of Michigan Avenue, according an incident report by Miami Beach Police. Javier Menendez Cuesta Daniel, 36, a close friend of the...
  7. Riviera Beach police investigate whether recent crimes are targeting transsexual prostitutes
    Palm Beach Post
    (Video) By Julius Whigham II and Alexandra Seltzer RIVIERA BEACH — Police are investigating whether Saturday morning's homicide might be part of a larger plot of crimes targeting transsexual prostitutes. Police this morning released the names of two men who...

    You know, just reading this story ticked me off. The reporters obviously don't understand the meaning of the words transvestites or transsexual, and their use of gender pronouns is ignorant a best. The story further marginalizes transgender people and disrespects the victims. It is disgusting. Is it any wonder in a society such as this that some transgender people feel they must resort to prostitution or other undesirable activities to earn a living? ~ Lori
  8. Record number LGBT murders reported in 2011
    Wisconsin Gazette
    The report found that overall hate violence continued to disproportionately impact transgender people, people of color, and transgender people of color. Data from 2011 also showed that people under the age of 30 were more likely to experience hate...
  9. Transgender pageant winner murdered in South Africa
    A South African who had won a Miss Gay pageant was found in his rented room with his throat slit, news24 reported...
  10. Transgendered Woman Found Stabbed To Death On West Side
    CBS2 Chicago
    CHICAGO (CBS) – For the second time in four months, a transgendered woman has been killed on the West Side. CBS 2′s Brad Edwards reports the 19-year-old victim was found dead Tuesday night in an abandoned building...
  11. PHILADELPHIA — Homicide detectives are investigating the killing of a well known member of Philadelphia’s LGBT community, Kyra Kruz, a 27-year-old transgender woman who was found dead in a wooded area of the city’s Frankford area. She had suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

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  12. Transgender face highest murder rate in Brazil
    Bikya Masr
    RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil continues to witness the murder of transgender citizens in what local rights groups and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists have said is “alarming.” Brazil remains the “transgender murder capital of the world...
  13. Transgender support group mourns homicide victim
    CTV News
    A Vancouver support group for the transgender community is mourning the loss of one of their members after she was stabbed to death on Saturday. Police identified the victim of New Westminster's first homicide of the year Thursday as 26-year-old...
  14. 'Western Bandit' wanted in 9 armed robberies, transgender slaying
    Los Angeles Times
    (VIDEO) Los Angeles police are searching for a violent suspect they are calling the "Western Bandit," who has been linked to nine armed robberies and the killing of a transgender victim. For more than a year, the LAPD says, the man has terrorized people and...
  15. Jay Sorgi Jan. 23, 2013 - Updated Jan 25, 2013
    "MILWAUKEE - Five suspect now face murder charges in the disappearance case of Ebony (Evon) Young.

    "Billy Griffin, 28, Ashanti Mcalister, 18, and Victor Stewart, 27, each now face murder charges. They previously had been charged with substantial battery.

    "Ron Allen, 37 of Milwaukee, and Devin Seaberry, 23 of Milwaukee, were charged Wednesday after an investigation into the disappearance of Young."

    Five suspects now charged with killing missing transgender rapper (w/Video)
  16. Parker Marie Molloy | June 04 2014 4:37 PM ET
    "Hall lived on the 4000 block of Raymonn Street, and is believed to have been the victim of a homicide, suffering from massive trauma to her body. Paramedics pronounced her dead on the scene. An autopsy will be performed to determine her official cause of death."

    Trans Woman Found Murdered in Baltimore