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  1. Mrs X... in NotReallySure

    By GenderFiasco, posted
    What about names? How do I pick a new name, that is like the hardest choice ever! Do I just girly-fy my name or pick a whole new one? Do I keep my last name? I imagine I would keep my last name, provided my family don't disown me when and if I tell them.
    I like Olivia, I knew an Olivia once, she was nice but I don't want to just cop out and pick any random one. I like anastasia because I read 50 Shades and loved it! I also don't want any of that silly nonsense like 'North West', what is that?!
    Tricky stuff, it'll be a long time before I need that fortunately so I have some time to decide.
    Thanks for reading :)
  2. I host an internet radio program every Friday. I have spoken on numerous topics in the bible. I just completed a nine week series on the fruit of the spirit. I was to read poems on this week's program but was prompted to speak on the subject of God doing a new work in our lives.

    During my devotions this morning the idea hit me to do this. My church family is going through some tough times and we are seeking God for guidance and direction. I believe that this topic mirrors the struggles we have as transgender people. If anyone would like to listen to the program 'Genevieve's Gems', you can PM me for more information.