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  1. Lucknow, India -- "There is nothing new in transgenders fighting elections these days but in a first, a political party has now decided to field 50 candidates from this marginalised and stigmatised community in the upcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh. Not only this, the little-known Rashtriya Viklang Party (RVP) has projected an eunuch as the chief ministerial candidate..."

    Read the news article: Party names transgender as CM candidate, to field 50 eunuchs
  2. Nevada's Scott Could Be Nation's First Transgender State Legislator
    If elected, Scott would be the nation's first openly transgender state legislator. “We need visionary and decisive leaders in Carson City, not legislators beholden to corporate interests," Scott is quoted as saying. "If left unchecked, neoconservative...
  3. Romney blocked anti-bullying guide over terms 'transgender' and "bisexual"
    By David Edwards
    White he was governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's administration blocked the publication of a guide on preventing bullying in public schools because it included the words “transgender” and “bisexual,” according to a new report...
  4. Diane Anderson-Minshall, August 04 2012 12:14 PM ET
    "The memorial, says organizer Nancy Russell, is meant to be a visible and lasting testament to the contributions that transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay servicemembers have made to the security of the U.S."

    D.C. to Get First National LGBT Veterans Memorial
  5. There are some in Oklahoma that believe judges who do the right thing by treating people fairly, and according to the law, is "activism," calling them "activist judges."

    Some of the things the state question wants to see stopped make perfect sense...but OK is naming the recent case of the convicted murder for whom it was decided should be allowed SRS as one of the reasons Oklahomans should vote 'yes' for SQ766. In fact, it's the first reason named among many - and the case of the trans prisoner isn't even in OK!

    To the best of my knowledge, no such situation has ever arisen in OK. So are the pushers of this particular state question also using SQ766 as a sort of "preventative measure?" OK has been known to piggy-back something with many other things that voters will likely vote for...betting that it will get what it wants. The piggy-backed item would have failed miserably had it been on a ballot by itself.

    But in this case, I think they are using the case of the trans inmate, using homophobia and transphobia as the frosting on the cake.

    No doubt the pushers of this state question want more judges like

  6. Posted: 01/04/2013 10:06 am EST
    "“I seemed to need to pass through a certain kind of fear before I could embrace a fuller vocation to contribute to conversations on trans and wider LGBT equality in and outside ecclesial contexts, as well as to explore these themes in academic contexts.”" --Cameron Partridge (

    Cameron Partridge, Transgender Episcopal Priest And University Chaplain, On Crossing Boundaries

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  7. 23 January 2013 | By Anna Leach
    "South America could have its first transgender legislator if Valentina Verbal wins a seat in congress in next November's election."

    First transgender congressional candidate in Chile
  8. California Democrat Alan Lowenthal displayed the gay pride flag outside of his office Tuesday, in what is reported to be a first for Congress members.

    BY Michelle Garcia, March 26 2013 6:53 PM ET
    "California Rep. Alan Lowenthal is believed to be the first member of Congress to present a gay pride flag outside of his office, as it was placed out in the hallway of his Cannon House Office building headquarters on the same day that Proposition 8 was challenged in the Supreme Court."

    Rep. Lowenthal Flies Pride Flag In Solidarity