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  1. Unfortunately at the time of my transition was when my sister developed a fatal cancer and could not bring myself to fly east to see her one last time. My impression was we have a decent brother sister relationship but after her passing my mother told me I was more to her than what I had imagined. I so regret not being stronger and just gone to see her. Please don't let something like this ever happen to you.
    Since then I have been thinking of getting a tattoo of an owl which was something she was into but for a multitude of reasons never did get a tattoo of an owl.
    Today I was walking in one of the more popular malls and spotted a Pandora store which I later learned was the only one in the greater Portland area. I asked if they had a owl charm and they did so I had them set me up with a bracelet and charm. So now as I see it I wear a token to remember my sister by on my wrist.
    I miss you Suzy

  2. Dear Friends,
    There are some excellent researchers that would like to in-depth interview and photograph transgender people over 50, preferably in their homes, but anywhere they feel comfortable.
    Please check out their website:
    Thank you in advance to all those who participate!
    Yours truly,