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  1. How ever one satisfies as transgender people we strive to further improve your inner core! We all know about online dating since my article will focus on dating & sensual pleasures of tranz folk. Let's begin without further wasting, we know online dating doesn't work for most.  For me a male to female transition to on & off straight orientation to bi sexual orientation. I find many pleasures of dressing up as her, with all kinky things attached being & living as girl without sex. Well sexual pleasure are good either way, but its the small things to turning into big things with being her that matter the most. The other day I went dressed casually to cinema as her with a couple of girly friend's and their friends. I had the most amazing time sitting between model personality if not babes. Everything was unplanned, I've learned the more you plan better you fail. So spontaneous is my answer. Maybe I am living as a girl too much. Today the most amazing thing happen to me at the ladies gym in changing room. I am not on harmones, or had any surgery thus far. I am 1 happy cross dresser as of today. Imagination goes bonkers wildly when I go for harmones in future or breast pills etc!! As a cross dresser I admire feet or having a feet fetish, I spend on average in a month $200 for pedi`s! I wear silicon breasts to show off bust. I am totally passable to average Joe. I can't think of what more I can do beside beautification facial surgeries(without GRS, SRS surgery god forbid)? I haven't done electrolysis yet prefer every 2nd day shaving my body & facial hair!!!  Remember the Chewbacca syndrome that's me from mid east typical dude. I luv dating with men on 1 particular website, where I have been picked up 4 times in last year alone!!! Will not get into that.  I am trying to date a girl who is super model. My family supports me all the way, which I wouldn't be anywhere without them. I am going at the rate of washroom of VIP clubs of turning down glances of babes feeling the urge. My all close girl friends want to date me 1 by 1. But I don't drive
    my Volvo S40 for over speeding. I drive a moterbike with my heels yet strap on rubber long boots every now or than. My fetishes can start from a stick to all the way to beauty of feet, legs or breasts. I don't know which way to go yet being spontaneous guides my surges in right path. I look like average girl but there is wild boy waiting to leash or be pleased. Visit on YouTube Shazy Jeo or
  2. 28 May 2015 | David Hudson
    "But does that reasoning really hold true? The ever-evolving state of the law in this area shows this reasoning is weak and provides strong support for employers, including protections in equal employment opportunity (EEO), anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation policies for all their LGBT employees."
    Why your company needs to get its sexual orientation and trans policies in order
  3. Dear Friends,
    There are some excellent researchers that would like to in-depth interview and photograph transgender people over 50, preferably in their homes, but anywhere they feel comfortable.
    Please check out their website:
    Thank you in advance to all those who participate!
    Yours truly,
  4. My Dear Friends,
    When I learned about demisexuality, (here at TGGuide!), I was really excited because it described me to a 'T'!  
    Demisexuality, in my opinion, is not about sexual orientation, but about a person's APPROACH to sexuality, no matter what their sexual orientation is.
    It is "one step up" from asexuality, in that a demisexual is not easily aroused, because it takes time for the demisexual to get to know the person before becoming aroused.
    A demisexual is defined by a person who is sexually attracted by a person's character or interior, rather than their exterior, or looks.
    In my opinion, a demisexual can be Straight or TLGB.
    Ideally, a demisexual would be attracted to another demisexual, as they would more likely resonate with one another.
    Consider myself a demisexual, as I always took my time to get to know a person before becoming involved with them.  My friends would jokingly say that I was "slow as molasses," and that by the time I decided I liked a girl, that she would think I was not interested, and be long gone by the time I share with her that I was interested in getting to know her better!  Have passed up many a beautiful woman (not that they would be interested in me!) because I did not resonate with her heart.
    Found true love with another demisexual, a beautiful, brilliant Lesbian transwoman who was a scientist.  We were friends for two years and even "hung out" together, before dating.  On my side, I thought that such a beautiful woman would never be interested in a woman that looked like me, and such a brilliant woman as her would not be interested in an intelligent, but not brilliant, woman as me.  She was a scientist and I was a human rights/civic activist.  She read Scientific American and I read a wide variety of magazines and newspapers.  She had a laser intellect and I had broad interests.  Thankfully, she never humiliated me with her great intellect.  She was a truly humble woman.  We complimented each other very well. Recently, while Spring cleaning, I discovered her address and telephone number.  Called her and found her she was still the beautiful woman (inside and out) that I always loved, but now is happily involved with someone else.  Am very happy for her.
    Two excellent websites about demisexuality:
    Some say being a "romantic," is a sexual orientation, but I think that is a way of showing love that could apply to ALL sexual orientations and ALL approaches to sexuality.
    In my opinion, I think I am a "romantic," because I love celebrating the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, and I never forget birthdays and anniversaries.  Know many people of different sexual orientations who are the same way.  In short, I am a hopeless romantic!
    A great big "thank you," to my beloved, who showed me that I have a lot of live to give to my lady, no matter what I may want to call it!
  5. New York

    “Currently, the comptroller is in the process of filing shareholder resolutions on equal opportunity policies with 15 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, including 13 new filings and two refilings, the latter to ExxonMobil and American Financial. The comptroller’s office reports that it has reached agreements with 22 companies in the past two years to adopt an antidiscrimination policy for the first time, with some agreements encompassing only sexual orientation and others including sexual orientation and gender identity.” - Julie Bolcer

    Equifax Raises Bar With Nondiscrimination Policy
  6. "A new analysis of implicit bias and explicit sexual orientation statements may help to explain the underpinnings of anti-gay bullying and hate crimes."

    Jeanna Bryner and LiveScience, April 10, 2012,
    "Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires..."

    Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals

    Thanks to long-time member, Daneela, for bringing this article to the members
  7. Written by AP Sep 13, 2012
    "Voters in Salina, Kan., will decide on Nov. 6 whether to repeal the city’s new ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity."

    Kansas town to vote on repealing nondiscrimination ordinance