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  1. When J told me he wanted to become a she, I was at a loss for how to react to what he was telling me.

    As I believed us both to be heterosexual, it brought up many different thoughts ranging from "Is J gay?" "Who can I talk to for information and guidance in my situation?" to questioning my own sexuality and sexual preference, to "how would we be viewed by society?" and, probably the most uncertain.....the biggest question: "How was this going to effect our personal relationship?"

    I had so many questions!!! We had a number of challenges....there wasn't just one. But my greatest challenge came in finding information and support, and the journey I took to discover for myself if I should stay or leave the relationship.....and the self-discovery towards understanding the ways our relationship would morph.

    Would you share what you feel is your greatest challenge as the significant other in the relationship..... and if you have found answers for yourself....If you have, can you share how you met the challenge and perhaps if it has worked for you??

    Thank you.