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  1. Transgender Day Of Remembrance - A New Date for a brighter tomorrow.
    I made this suggestion about a month ago. To have the Transgender Day of Remembrance on a Friday in Spring. We, The Livingston County Rainbow Alliance will be doing this.
  2. As with most anything having to do with this topic of remembrance THIS VIDEO COMES WITH AN EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING! This is the entire ceremony held on Nov. 20th 2015 at UCC (United Church of Christ, Lakeville New York) . Though the subject matter is difficult, it's needed. I speak frankly about suicide. I speak frankly about children. I speak frankly about what it takes to save lives.
  3. Time flies... in In and Out of Darkness

    By JayM, posted
    I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote something here. In fact, it's been weeks since I even visited this site. I seem to have got caught up in so much stuff that I've been too busy to spend time on the internet. I've missed it, though.
    Yesterday was TDOR and I was surprised that our company LGBT network didn't even mention it. They always make a big thing out of IDAHOT and Coming Out Day and the various Pride celebrations around the country and other days that stand out as something to be celebrated or remembered or promoted. But yesterday? Nothing. So I wrote something on our company LGBT notice board and a bunch of other members jumped on there and complained about the lack of shouting too. So I don't think the network will make that mistake next year.
    Tomorrow is Sunday, and where I live there's going to be a big memorial event for TDOR. There will be readings and prayers (although I'm not religious) and a candlelit vigil and a bunch of people will walk through the city to gather at the trans* memorial in the park. I attended this event last year, but I stood on the fringes and I wasn't trying to be involved in any way. I just quietly stood at the edge of it all and paid my respects in silence, and then I went home. Tomorrow, it'll be different. I am going as myself, for the first time. I've also persuaded my husband to join me. If I'd asked him last year he would have laughed and said no. This year, he didn't hesitate to say yes. And then afterwards we will spend the evening with a bunch of other people like me. That will be a big step for him, because he hasn't really been involved with other trans* people before.
    I have to say, his support, just lately, has been amazing. He's the one who keeps telling me to get back in touch with my doctor and ask where my referral to the GIC is up to. He's the one who, last night, helped me clear out every single piece of female clothing I still owned and stuff it into bags and take them to the charity shop. He's the one who is correcting people, before I even get a chance to open my mouth, when they misgender me. After more years together - and sometimes apart - than I would care to admit (because then people would know just how old we are), he has finally accepted me.
  4. Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014

    On November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance, people will gather across the country to pay respect to those needlessly killed by hate crimes against the transgender community.

    Over the next week, HRC will raise up the voices of transgender community leaders and advocates to bring attention to the continued fight for a safer and better future for all members of our community.

    HRC members and supporters will also join with community organizers across the country to pay respect to call attention to the threat of violence our transgender friends and family regularly face.

    To find an event in your area visit
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